Tips For Getting Custom Popcorn Boxes

Many people eat popcorn. Some consume it to pass the time while watching a movie. You can also find it at birthday parties. The food product is available in exciting flavors as well. If you are involved in the popcorn business, it is necessary to focus on your popcorn boxes if you want them to keep your product safe and advertise it as well. The following are some tips to help you get the best popcorn box:

Make it strong

Popcorn and any food product should be kept safe from any harm. This is because it needs to get eaten. It should be safe for people to consume. For this, you will need to make popcorn bags strong. They should be made with the best quality material. When looking at which packaging material to get, keep in mind that it should not have chemicals that can go into the product and spoil it. This is not good for health. The material should be strong as well.

You can consider getting boxes made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. These will give you strong boxes that will keep your popcorn in excellent condition for people. If the box breaks, it will expose the popcorn to germs and other external influences. This can spoil them.

Environmentally-friendly options

If you want your brand to be a responsible and sensible one, it is important to choose “green” popcorn boxes. These aim not to pollute the environment as they are recyclable, reusable, renewable, or biodegradable.

Brands need to play their role in limiting pollution and waste. You can help consumers limit their carbon footprint if you choose this type of packaging. You may be able to get more customers, especially those who are environmentally conscious if you choose sustainable options.

Choose size carefully

The size of the popcorn box is important. If you get a large one, you will give the wrong impression to consumers. They will expect that it has a lot of popcorn present. You will also be wasting money on material that is not needed. Heavier boxes increase transportation expenses as well. If the box is too small, it can break as well as make the popcorn uneatable. Also, choose a good shape box that is easy to hold and stack. It should not harm the popcorn inside.

Design knowing your target audience

It is important to know who your consumer base is when designing popcorn bags. This will help you make something that they will be drawn towards. Know your customer base’s age, gender, geographical location, and shopping habits. Kids consume popcorn, teenagers, and adults. According to who you are targeting, you will design the packaging.

For example, if you want kids to be drawn to it, you can make it bright and colorful and have pictures of cartoons on it. If the popcorn is intended to attract teenagers to a movie, the packaging can have an image of the featured movie. This attracts as well as some fans who may keep the box as well.

Details about the popcorn

If it is required, include the details of the popcorn on popcorn boxes. These will help consumers know about it. For instance, if you are selling microwavable popcorn, you can state the instructions on making it, when to use it, ingredients, flavor, weight, etc.

If the popcorn has any special features, tell them clearly on the packaging. It convinces people to want to try them out. For example, popcorn may be a unique flavor. Your brand may have a deal like a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” one or something that makes people excited.

Increase brand awareness

Use the popcorn box to increase brand awareness. You can help get your business known in this way. It will be seen as a professional one. Design a brand logo to include on the box. The logo will help people recognize your brand’s products. You can also state the contact details of your business on the packaging. This includes the address, phone number, email address, social media links, and website.

Design so that they attract

The popcorn bags should be designed so that they attract people. Different points can be kept in mind here. You should choose colors as well as images carefully. Look at what colors signify and choose those that your brand stands for. Do not include too many images as it makes the box look stressful. The red and white color stripes are popular for the packaging. You can add something to this to look unique as well as amazing.

Also, you can look at trends in popcorn packaging if you want to see what the competition is doing. You can get ideas from here as well. It may be exciting to design packaging according to certain events. For example, if you sell popcorn for Halloween, the boxes can include skeletons, ghosts, haunted houses, etc.

If the popcorn is being sold at the movies, as said above, it is exciting to design the packaging according to the featured movie. This box will look more attractive than a simple one. Some people may just buy the box to keep it as a memory.

Ending Thoughts!

Popcorn boxes are an essential part of the product and should be designed carefully. You should know your consumer base as well as what your product needs from packaging. According to this, make the boxes so that they can handle the pressures being put on them and also be able to stand out.

Use the boxes for marketing your brand by including a logo on them. It is important to design something that will stand out in front of the competition so that it can attract. Look at what the competition has done if you want to design something unique that follows trends.

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