The three elements that make up your lock

Our locksmith tampa company uses a large number of locks every day, whether they are locks for doors, gates, windows, or even on objects like lockers, but have you ever wondered how it works in practice? Inside or what makes up a lock. Well, that’s what this article will try to explain to you in detail 😉

  • What is a lock?
  • What are the three building blocks of your lock?

The lock, definition, principle, and composition

A lock is a mechanism for closing a door or an object (locker, letterbox, etc.) used manually or automatically. This system generally works using a key or key, a code, a card, a telephone (in home automation in particular), or a remote control thanks to an electrical system.

The main role is to secure a home or the contents of an object when the latter needs to be protected by a locked container. However, this sheltering can only be ensured if your locksmith or professional locksmith has chosen the lock with care. There are many models of locks with more or less efficient devices. It’s up to you to choose the one that will correspond to the desired objective according to the level of risk incurred or the value of the goods to be protected in your home (main or secondary house, apartment, studio, chalet).

How does your lock work?

A lock works thanks to the joint action (also commonly called a barrel ), a bolt, and a strike. The latter is actuated by the bolt, which will allow the barrel to turn. A wrist is generally integrated into the lock for ease of use. Let’s find out more about the role of each element.

The barrel or cylinder

The cylinder is the central element of your lock since it is the room in which you will insert your key to open or close the system. There are several types of cylinders, the most common of which is the European cylinder (single entry opening from the outside only or double entry, that is, from both sides). The more complex the barrel, the more secure your locking system install by locksmith tampa bay. A cylinder comprises two parts: the rotor and the stator. The first swivels when the key is actuated in the cylinder, while the second is the fixed part, generally visible from the outside.

When your cylinder is broken, it is unnecessary to change your entire lock. Instead, it is better to seek the advice of a good locksmith.

The bolt of the lock

The bolt is one of the three essential elements for the operation of your lock. An iron part operates the strike and thus allows the cylinder to turn to lock or unlock a door. It is the guarantor of the good closing of your door.

Locksmith strike

The strike is the third centerpiece of the lock. It is attached to the doorframe. It must be in perfect harmony with the bolt to fully play its role of opening and closing the door. There are two types of strikes: manual strikes and electric strikes. The first requires the activation of a key, while the second can be activated remotely by using a remote control or a code.

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