What to Expect from Safemoon in 2030?

The global market capitalization is around $1,15 trillion as of August 2022. However, this number changes all the time, and this high volatility affects every cryptocurrency on the market. Hence, crypto enthusiasts build their investment strategies taking this peculiarity into account. 

But what if cryptocurrency value fluctuating can be minimized to a negligible degree? That is what a new moon-inspired coin — SafeMoon — offers. Learn what SafeMoon is all about and see the SafeMoon price prediction 2030 below.

SafeMoon in a Nutshell

SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) was launched in March 2021. Along with the token, the creators of SafeMoon launched a clear roadmap that included the development of an official app, an exchange platform, and a software wallet. 

SafeMoon itself is a classic cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. An interesting thing about the project is that each transaction starts four other processes on the network: liquidity pool acquisition, reflection, token burns, and additions to the growth fund. The 10% fee that the network charges is divided between these four functions.


One of the biggest challenges SafeMoon aims to address is the high volatility of the coin price. To do that, most investors theoretically need to buy SafeMoon and hold it. That is why, the creators charge sellers a fee, which has to stimulate long-term investments and prevent panic selling. Thus, 4% of the fee is redirected to the existing SafeMoon holders as reflections. 

LP Acquisition 

Another 3% is added to the liquidity pool or LP. SafeMoon uses the liquidity pool to stabilize the coin value and give more liquidity to the coins. 

Token Burn

More than 500 billion SafeMoon coins are in circulation, which is more than 50% of the maximum possible amount. Still, the creators manually “burn” 2% of tokens regularly. Such practice helps reduce the coin supply and increases the SafeMoon price.  

Growth Fund

Another 1% of the fee goes to the SafeMoon growth fund. The gathered funds are being used for project development.  

SafeMoon V2: What Has Been Changed?

In December 2021 the SAFEMOON V2 was released. The new update aims to consolidate the existing tokens at a 1,000:1 ratio. This will be done through an upgraded contract that will alter the consolidation formula used prior. The consolidation will increase the value of the token.

Moreover, the new version offers smaller fees. The new charge on the SafeMoon V2 is 2%. 

SFM Price Predictions for 2030

The price of SafeMoon is surely on the lower side of the market, and even the switch to V2 and the SFM token is not doing much good. However, it is a young project with a clear development plan. Consequently, with new updates, the interest in the project might increase in the future. Check out the forecasts for SafeMoon price in 2030 from reliable analytical platforms:

According to this platform, SafeMoon investors should expect their assets to cost at least $0.003 per coin in 2027. 

Another reputable platform forecasts the SafeMoon price increase to $0.00106 by the end of 2027. The minimum price level is set at $0.000776.


WalletInvestor claims SafeMoon will be worth around $0.0000135 at the most five years from now. 

As we can see, all three sources are not too optimistic, forecasting a slight increase or even a fall in price by 2027. Note that all these sources rely on technical analysis assisted by AI when creating the price predictions. 

Is Investing in SFM a Safe Bet?

Every new project always needs to be time-tested before most crypto investors pay attention to it. That is why SafeMoon’s future is still debatable. Yet, the project offers unique features for long-term investors and has big plans for the near future. 

So, SafeMoon seems like a suitable token for storing value. But due to the novelty of the project, you should invest only a small amount of your funds and see how it plays out further.

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