Struggling With QuickBooks Error 6073? Find A Smart Solution

When you are trying to get access to your company file or data, you bump into a message description that says, “QuickBooks cannot open this company file. It may have been open by another user.” And that is when you realize you have been confronted with an error called QuickBooks Error 6073. Such errors usually occur when a single-mode selection on another computer system. By switching the modes or installing Tool Hub, one can easily cope with the error. To have in-depth knowledge on error 6073, follow the blog till its closure.

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Find the root causes for error 6073

There can be many reasons that can lead the error 6073 to erupt. To fix this glitch, you will need to perform a few steps or configure a few settings. Let us first consider the causes of the error:

  1. Opening a file can occur if the same file is open on another system with single-user mode ON.
  2. The file is placed on such a network folder with read-only mode enabled.
  3. If you are using a Linux server, you are probably using different credentials to log in.

The reasons listed above will help you recognize the error and its troubleshooting procedure. The subsequent subheading will elaborate on the steps for you.

Perform these steps to exterminate the error

We have propounded a user’s steps for fast response if you are looking for an intelligent solution to this file error.

Method: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is a tool in Tool Hub that effectively recovers the damage in the company files and even resolves the glitch in the network issue. So, to applicate the effect of the tool follows the steps as given below:

  1. Open Tool Hub. Install it if you haven’t already.
  2. Choose Company File Issues.
  3. Now spot the Run QuickBooks File Doctor choice, and click on it. The tool might take a minute or two to open. If the QuickBooks File Doctor is not opening up, get it manually by searching for QuickBooks Desktop File Doc.
  4. So, when the QuickBooks File Doctor opens, see your company file from the drop-down menu and select it. If you can’t spot the file, find it by clicking Browse and search.
  5. Hit the Check your file (only the middle option), then mark Continue.
  6. Fill in your QuickBooks admin password, then tap Next.

After the scanning starts, it may take a little longer to get scanning done depending upon the size of the file (approx. 5 minutes). Now explore your company files and QuickBooks, which shall open without a hitch. The scan will fix the issue even though the status shows unsuccessful. If you still see the error, explore other tools from the Tool hub like Quick Fix my Program.


The blog aimed to comprehend the reasons and the troubleshooting methods of QuickBooks Error 6073. Once you run QuickBooks File Doctor and Quick Fix my Program and follow the mentioned steps, you can open your company files. If the issue is still present, it is highly recommended that you converse with top IT professionals of the QuickBooks Assistance Team at +1-855-856-0042.

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