World Cup in Qatar: what is known?

Although there is quite a long time before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, at least a couple of months, football fans and Parimatch bettors can prepare in advance for important football matches. This was made possible by the draw for the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup odds on Parimatch

Back in April 2022, it became known who and when will enter the football field from professional football teams. Therefore, you can make deposits to the gambling account in advance, while studying the history of wins and losses of one or another team, following the successes and failures of specific football players.

When does the World Cup start in Qatar? The first football matches will be held on November 20-21. The Championship will end on December 18. Why these dates? The climate played a decisive role in choosing the date of the Championship. Therefore, climatic conditions should be taken into account when placing bets on one or another football team. Where exactly will the football matches be held? 

5 cities have been selected, where the fate of the Championship will be decided, because only the most hardy and agile will reach the finals. Football fans will gather from all over in Al-Waqir, Doha, Al-Rayyan, Al-Khora, Lusail to support their favorite football teams.

Group stage draw results

In addition, Basket 4 will include the football teams that became the winners of the intercontinental playoff for the World Cup in Qatar. Two teams from the intercontinental playoff selection, and one more from the playoff selection in the European zone. After 4 baskets are formed, the group distribution of teams begins.

Why is the group placement of football teams so important? After all, it depends on who exactly and when this or that football team will play. Thus, group placement determines the order of group matches.

Prematch and Live betting

As for bettors, they can safely register on the Parimatch website to place their first bets on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in pre-match mode. After all, you can bet in Live mode only during a football match.

If the user plans to place bets for real money, then registration and verification of the account should be completed in advance. Even if the user is in no hurry to complete the registration, which is instant, you should not postpone the verification for a long time. 

Verification is a slightly more complicated procedure than registration, because you need to send a scanned copy of a document confirming the identity of the user. What’s more, verification takes several hours, or even days. Therefore, it is better to register not a day before the start of the World Cup, but at least a few days, or even months.

Sports betting strategies

Betting on sports correctly means sticking to a strategy to get winnings. The choice of tactics is the decision of each bettor. Skill is required to play each of the tactics.

An effective and safe betting strategy that requires patience and endurance is the Miller system. The foundation of the strategy is flat betting. Main principles:

  • a certain amount is allocated to the bank;
  • the bettor makes bets in the amount of 1 to 2% of the initial bankroll;
  • bets are made until the bank grows by a third. After that, the amount of the bet increases to 2 – 3%.

This strategy is characterized by slow but steady progress. From the bettor, you only need to correctly predict the outcomes, and withstand the swing period. After all, if the initial bank is equal to 10 thousand rubles, then each of the rates will be equal to a hundred or two.

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