Sporting Events In May 2022

May is not the end of the year, but in this 2022 long-awaited finals such as La Liga, Europa League or the final of the Mutua Madrid Open are concentrated. Another date indicated in this month is the scale of Formula 1 in Spain. Furthermore, the Spanish Rugby team will compete with the famous All Blacks Classics.

  • May 1: Moto GP Spain
  • May 8: Mutua Madrid Open Tennis Final
  • May 13-29: 2022 Men’s Ice Hockey World Cup
  • May 18: Europa League final
  • May 22: Spain Match
  • May 21: UEFA Women’s Champions League Final
  • June 22 to 5: Roland Garros Tournament
  • May 27-29 Euro league Basketball Final Four
  • May 28: UEFA Champions League Final

Sporting events in June 2022

Together with the heat, the sport becomes more intense and the finals or beginnings of sports stages become even more interesting. At the beginning of summer, one of the most important tennis 스포츠중계events would be concentrated, such as the 2022 Wimbledon Championship or the NBA Finals.

  • June 2 to June 19: NBA Finals 2022
  • June 5: Moto GP of Catalonia
  • June 5: Roland Garros Tournament Final
  • June 16-19: United States Open of Golf
  • June 27 to July 10: Wimbledon Championships

Sporting events in July 2022

July is presented as the month of bicycles, since the Tour de France will take place, one of the most important competitions in cycling. The fresh grass of Wimbledon will also be the protagonist this month with the finals of the Tennis Championships.

  • July 1-17: XV Women’s Hockey World Cup
  • July 1 to 24: Tour de France
  • July 6-31: UEFA Women’s Euro Cup
  • July 10-11: Wimbledon Championship finals
  • July 14-17: British Golf Open
  • July 15-24: 2022 World Championships in Athletics

Sporting events in August 2022

Football returns strong in August and at the end of the month the transfer deadline week is concentrated, where the clubs fight to get the best signing, as well as the start of La Liga 2022-23 and the 2022 European Super Cup. Many more sports can be enjoying this month as hot as it is August.

  • August 10: European Super Cup 2022
  • August 11 to 21: European Swimming Championships 2022
  • August 12: The 2022-2023 League begins
  • August 19 to September 11: Tour of Spain cycling
  • August 26 to September 11: 2022 Men’s Volleyball World Cup
  • August 29 to September 11: US Open tennis

Sporting events in September 2022

The Women’s Basketball World Cup is the main protagonist this month. Other world championships such as Cycling and Rowing are also added. In addition to the Euro basket, one of the most acclaimed competitions.

  • September 1 to 18: Men’s European Basketball Championship (Euro basket)
  • September 6: UEFA Champions League
  • September 18: Aragon Motorcycling Grand Prix 2022
  • September 18 to 25: Road Cycling World Championships
  • September 18 to 25: World Rowing
  • September 22 to October 1: Women’s Basketball World Cup

Sporting events in October 2022

October may be one of the weakest months of the year. Despite this, you can enjoy some sports competitions such as some Moto GP and Formula 1 races or the Spanish Golf Open.

  • October 8: Tour of Lombardy
  • October 6 to 9: Spanish Golf Open

Sporting events in November 2022

One of the most anticipated events of 2022 is the World Cup in Qatar, which will be held this November, becoming the most anticipated month for all football lovers. In addition, both the Moto GP and Formula 1 world championships will be completed. The Davis Cup final will also mark this November.

  • November 6: World Cup Final. Moto GP Valencia
  • November 4 to 20: European Women’s Handball Championship
  • November 13-20: ATP Finals 2022
  • November 17 to 20: Formula 1 final. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • December 21 to 18: World Cup Qatar 2022
  • November 25-27: Davis Cup tennis final

Sporting events in December 2022

December, the last month of the year when the soccer world champion will be revealed. Who will succeed France? Valencia also has its little hole this month with its famous San Silvestre. A short month for the Christmas holidays, but intense for the world of football.

  • December 4: Trinidad Alonso Valencia Marathon
  • December 18: Qatar 2022 Final
  • December 30: San Silvestre Popular Valenciana

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