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Walking, running, jumping, bending, or twisting of legs is assist by our knees. A mishap or abrasive use of the knee joint could give way to certain ailments that hinder knee motion. Be quick to consult an ACL or knee injury doctor in Lahore for an appropriate treatment to avoid future complications as defected joint gets worse day by day if left untreated.

Understanding ACL

ACL is an abbreviation of Anterior Cruciate Ligaments running in front of the knee joint connecting thighbone to the shinbone. It is a thick band of tissues that play a vital role in holding upper and lower leg bones together. ACL controls back and forth movement of knee providing essential stability to knee joint preventing bones from slipping out.

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An ACL injury and how it happens

An ACL injury occurs in response to a sprain or tears to an anterior cruciate ligament. Such injuries may occur while sports activities like jumping, landing inappropriately on a hard surface causing jerk to the knee, changing direction abruptly, or stopping suddenly while running. Sports like soccer, football, basketball, and skiing could bring about such tears.

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A popping sound or sensation is felt at the instance of ACL tear which causes pain, instability, swelling, and tenderness over the knee afterward. It seems tough putting weight on an injured knee and the patient loses natural range of motion.

Services provided by an ACL injury doctor

Orthopedic surgeons specializing in ACL injury are of great help as they understand the issue rightly and treat it accordingly. An ACL injury doctor in Lahore gives a physical examination assessing the injury through visible signs like swelling and tenderness over the knee. He may move the knee to check the range of motion and severity of pain. Imaging tests are recommended to rule out other possible reasons and see internal damages.

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A treatment plan is based on the sternness of injury that occurs, mild ones can be healed through rest, ice, compression, and elevation with the administration of oral medicines to relieve pain. However, looking upon the harshness of tear an ACL injury doctor in Lahore may do some surgical repairs to help the patient. Surgical procedure calls for the reconstruction of a torn ligament which is either sewn back or a tendon graft is fastened in its place if a ligament is too short to stitch back. Graft tendon is extracted from a healthy joint or from a donor which serves as a base for ligament reconstruction. Physical therapy is recommended in both cases for healthy recovery and regain gone mobility. The doctor will direct his patient to a physiotherapist who guides several exercises to practice at home for better recovery.

Anatomy of knee

The knee joint connects three bones namely kneecap or patella, thighbone, and shinbone maintaining coordination to aid stable movement. A person can bend knees to become closer to the ground, sit, stand, run, walk and twist legs. The joint is accompanied by ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

ACL Injury Treatment | ACL Surgery Raleigh & Cary NC

Injuries to knee

As the knee joint is much used it is more vulnerable to injury especially while sports like football or riding a bike. Here listed variable injuries knee joint can suffer:

Sprains and strains

Injuries to ligaments that stabilize joints are termed sprains like ACL and MCL tears while strains are stretch that occurs to muscles and tendons associated with knee joints. In both cases, swelling, pain, and tenderness develop in reaction to injury leading to joint immobility.

Meniscus tears

Damage to knee meniscus or cartilage occurs due to an injury, overuse, or steadily with age. Cartilage prevents the rubbing of two bones by providing a frictionless surface for smooth gliding of bones in a joint.

Knee bursitis

It’s a condition that grows as bursae the fluid-filled sacs or shock absorber locate between bone and tissues get irritate. Inflammation to these sacs arises a painful motion, thus needs to be cure on time.

Joint dislocation

A direct hit to the knee could displace the kneecap causing unbearable pain and swelling over the knee joint. The joint components are badly damage in the incidence disturbing the anatomy of the joint.


Using knee joints excessively in an improper way could put stress over components. This leads to the weakening of the joint thus increasing probability of damage.


Sudden fall to the ground over knees or direct hit to the knee could bring about fracture to knee bones.

Services provided by knee injury doctor

The knee injury doctor in Lahore could be of great help in treating knee joint issues. He gives a physical examination to the patient looking for visible symptoms like pain, inflammation, and tenderness. Comparison is make between injured and healthy knee to check for deformity if any. Range of motion is check through assist movement by bending and twisting the knee carefully. Internal appraisal hangs on to scanning tests like X-rays, CT-scan, or MRIs.

Meniscus Disease

After diagnostic tests treatment is plan over the severity of damage that occurs. Simple immobilization through plaster cast, brace, or splint could help recover naturally for mild issues. But, chronic concerns demand surgical maintenances, the most preferred is knee arthroscopy. Unending and incurable joint pain calls for a replacement surgery through which the knee joint is replace by a prosthetic joint imitating the motion of a natural one. Physical therapy is provided after general repairs to strengthen muscles and regain lost motion.


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Whether mild or severe joint injuries need immediate treatment to prevent worsening. Be efficient and consult an ACL or knee injury doctor in Lahore to get a proper diagnosis and cure at the right time. Work is not possible without movement and frozen knees could deprive of walking, running, jumping, and bending which are routine actions and performed the most. Be cooperative with doctors, go for follow-up checkups and abide by instructions provided to get treatment at its best.

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