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SEO On YouTube: How To Optimize Your Videos

Already for many years, YouTube has become one of the most visited online portals in the world. On YouTube, users are allowed to create content and view videos. Within the offer that we can find on the popular video platform, there is a wide variety of topics such as gaming, video blogs, music, and cinema, among many others. With more than a billion monthly visits and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. What can you do to make your videos stand out and grow your views? Using SEO on YouTube is definitely the answer.

It is very important to obtain the necessary knowledge that will help you grow in a solid and consistent way. For this reason, we will dedicate this text to analyzing a series of strategies that will get you effective results in a short time. In this way, you will be able to position your videos among the first search results.

What is SEO on YouTube?

Before starting, it is important to mention that SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization in English. SEO services on YouTube is a set of actions and techniques that are used to improve the positioning and visibility of a website in search engines – in this case, YouTube. For this, tools are used that, through metrics and statistics, provide information on the terms used by your competition and the words most used by users.

YouTube’s search engines do not themselves interpret the information in the images or videos we upload. This is why they rely on SEO to understand this information, something that is done through all the data found in the title, the tags, the description, and the name of the video file. With all of the above, it is clear that SEO on YouTube is very important since it gives you the opportunity to grow quickly. Even if you have few followers, you can climb your video to the top viewing positions.

Some practical tips

Title of the video, your first opportunity to use SEO on YouTube:

The title of the video is one of the most important factors, as it allows direct interaction between your content and the viewers. The more exact it is and the more it adjusts to the user’s search, the better your video will be positioned on YouTube.

For example, if you put the word “series” as the title, it will be very difficult to position yourself since many videos talk about series. On the contrary, if you place your title in a more specific way, something like “The most exciting series of 2022”, then you will be sectoring your search.

In this way, YouTube will reward you for putting a longer and more accurate title. This is how the chances of your video being positioned and a user finding it is much greater.

YouTube SEO is also about tags and hashtags:

Tags are words or phrases that you can include in the description of your YouTube videos. This way, you let both the viewers and the platform know what they are about. This way, you will appear earlier in the search lists. In addition, your videos will be associated with content with a similar theme, something that can undoubtedly maximize your reach. Tags are not visible to the public after they are placed.

Complementary to the keywords are the visible hashtags, which are also an essential resource for positioning. Hashtags – like labels – are made up of keywords or phrases and are always accompanied by the “#” sign at the beginning. These phrases or words help significantly, as they allow you to search in a direct way videos on popular topics and will be more effective during certain events or seasons since they work according to the trend.

Thumbnails and Numbers: The Best Kept Secret of YouTube SEO:

As a complement to the title, the thumbnail image for your videos on YouTube is an important pillar within each video, as it can draw the viewer’s attention through its design.

Do not forget to always use images related to the video and add a small text that supports the idea of the theme in your video. Just as thumbnails are very important, the use of numbers in video text can also be critical to your reach. Putting a number in your video title or thumbnail text will help improve your ranking. If we return to the example of “The most exciting series,” you can transform the title to “THE 5 MOST EXCITING SERIES” or “2021, A YEAR OF EXCITING SERIES”. Note that the use of capital letters is also important.

Knowing the different YouTube SEO secrets opens up a world of possibilities for your videos as it can introduce you to new audiences. With the tips you have been reading in this article, you can start a promotion strategy that is as extensive as you want.

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