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Polymer Coatings For Metal Roofing

In today’s world, Polymer Coatings are the most popular among truckers and country house material stationery owners. Its main advantages are low cost, long life, and attractive appearance. Metal dimension roof proof makes it easy to calculate the amount of any configuration and does not require square sheet metal roofing.

Types of polymer coatings

The protective layer of decorative metal thus may have a different thickness. Polymer coatings may be applied to the following sheets:

Myth: This polymer is considered excellent protection against corrosion and can withstand temperatures of +200 C- 15. Fifty microns – All types of polymer coatings are thick.

Polyester: The most suitable metal (roof) for people with average income. Price per sheet (such dimensions of the material may vary), such a layer, covered with less. However, it has a smaller thickness than the sheet-covered puralom – 25 microns. A protective layer of a metal roof can be mounted on the roof of houses built in areas with a typical climate without extreme temperatures. There are metal roofing company in San Antonio, Tx, where you can get your service from. Today the sale of such sheets can be seen in slightly different species – polyester coated with Teflon. This type of polymer fiber is more resistant to mechanical damage. The Teflon-coating thickness of polyester is 35 micrometers.

Polidiftorid: This makes it the most expensive type of polymer coating. Its advantages include primarily the ability to withstand high fades. Therefore, this type of protection is suitable for the roof covering the house in the southernmost tropics of the sheet. Dignity polidiftorida is resistant to damage and has a very long service life. PVDF layer thickness is 27 microns.

Plastisol: This coating is sometimes found on sale because PVC is used to produce plastisol and is considered very environmentally safe. The popularity of this type of metal is used only because this polymer has high strength and is very long. Plastisol thickness is 200 microns.


Roof metal has standard dimensions, which are very convenient and vary according to the wave height. Some emergency metal roofer in San Antonio has given reasonable assistance. This parameter depends primarily on the value of the profile geometry, which may vary. The most popular forms of mental waves are:

Monterey: This is the most common type. Such a profile simulates a clay roof tile. The wave height of this sheet is usually 39 mm. Sales have also been Super Monterrey sheets. This material waves slightly higher – 46 mm.

Cascade: This type of metal is a bit like a chocolate bar. The height of its profile is 25 mm. It is a magnificent species, but at the same time, quite expensive. An awe-inspiring look is the cascade of brown sheets.

Dunes: The advantage of this species in the first place is the possibility of secret binding use. This material roof looks very difficult and, compared with other types, is entirely original. The wavelength of this variety of metal material is 46.5 mm.

In the final stage, the sheet is covered by a specific polymer composition color and texture. This layer not only protects the metal from adverse climates and mechanical influences but also gives the roof aesthetic appeal and expressiveness. Metal names got a chance. From a distance, the roof sheets of this species look like expensive clay tiles.

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