Implementation of the activities to be carried out in the canton

The previously presented program proposal will be taken up again so that the Committees can develop it in their community, either as isolated activities or programs with objectives integrated into a national and local development policy.

An important aspect is that this reality indicates

 that there is no massive practice of physical activity, active recreation and 해외스포츠중계 Thus, it is noted that the school lacks medium and long-term objectives, therefore, sufficient continuity to transfer learning to other programs; In the social sphere, it is also little diffused, mainly due to the inaction of local governments through their respective institutions or instances. The idea is then to systematize the constant and permanent practice of people individually or collectively, regardless of the type of activity they do (popular, school, collegiate, university, federated or high level), even if the definition marks a certain line, which places more emphasis on the sectors with the greatest needs and the lowest resources.

According to Martinez (2003), knowledge of reality in order

to know what to do to transform it, is a basic tool so that later, effective action strategies can be planned, programmed and established. Likewise, it is also necessary to achieve a comprehensive vision of the problem situation (needs – shortcomings) so that they can be prioritized according to the environment and according to the existing resources to attend to them.

all of which in turn make up in a particular way the priority nucleus of evaluation for each level-context of planning of the municipal sports and recreational service (“political-technical” plans, programs, projects and development and social change). (Martinez, 2003, pp. 7)

For the implementation of a municipal sports and recreation

service offer plan, basically we are talking about actions and/or activities related to improving and maintaining the quality of life, well-being and general health of its inhabitants as purposes maximum, as well as those related to collective participation so that within its general guidelines the following can be mentioned:

Use physical activity, recreation and sports as a means of training both attitudes and behavior towards society.

Introduce children, young people and adults to the constant practice of physical-sports activities as part of their lifestyle.

Raise the technical-sports level of the practitioners and therefore of the canton. Work jointly with recreational and sports associations, without overlapping activities.

It will then be seen that these programs and activities can be offered as services to the general public.

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