Wondering Why QuickBooks Outlook Is Not Responding? Find Here

Connecting QuickBooks emails to Outlooks will make tasks easier for you. But the problem arises when QuickBooks puts up an issue while sending the emails to Outlook. An error’ QuickBooks outlook is not responding’ starts appearing that hails, “Sending email through Outlook: Outlook is not responding. Please try starting up Outlook and try again.” Maybe this error is trying to point at a glitch in your system or application or something else. To find these causes or glitches that lead to this QuickBooks Outlook error and the procedure to fix it, keep reading this insightful blog till the end.

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Why doesn’t QuickBooks send emails to Outlook?

To know why QuickBooks fails to send emails to Outlook, pay attention to the list of causes that we have added here since it is crucial to keep track of these reasons before resolving the error. Take a look:

  1. If your Outlook email is a partially or improperly downloaded program file, it can cause the error.
  2. QuickBooks and the Outlook email manager’s outdated version can contribute to the email error.
  3. Also, if the setting in Outlook or Internet Explorer is not favorably set, it can lead to an error popup.
  4. Security software on your system blocks the connection.

If you take steps to eradicate these causes, you can see your software getting rid of this error. So let us now leap to learn the resolving steps.

How to get the Outlook email service working or responding?

A user can select a few steps to get free from the error, like closing the MS Outlook or by setting QuickBooks and Outlooks, both as admin. Follow the steps as given here:

Solution 1: Closing Outlook while emailing

This solution may appear trivial, but trust us, it can prove that effective. So, you will have to close Outlook when you send an email. It allows QuickBooks to send emails without any issue. Follow the upcoming solution if you have tried this method and haven’t resolved the error yet.

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Solution 2: Set QuickBooks and MS Outlook as Admin

This measure suggests the users fix the problem with Outlook email by running the two of the applications-QuickBooks and Outlook as an admin. Here is how you should perform the steps:

  1. First, close the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Second, go to the Windows Start menu and click it.
  3. Now, write “QuickBooks” in the search box. Once you see the icon, select it by right-clicking it.
  4. Select Open file address.
  5. Right-tap the QuickBooks.exe file from the folder, then hit Properties.
  6. Tap on the Compatibility tab now.
  7. Explore Run this program as Administrator.
  8. Finally, click on the choice Apply, then select OK.

Here you finish the procedure of setting QuickBooks and Outlook as admin. Now try sending an email or transaction to Outlook. You will be able to proceed with it effortlessly this time.


The blog provides you insightful knowledge on QuickBooks outlook is not responding. It makes you aware of why QuickBooks fails to send emails to Outlook and how you can fix this issue. In the end, if you still don’t get the desired result, feel free to call the QuickBooks Support Team at +1-855-856-0042 and immediately get the most accurate solution to your problems.

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