Effects and benefits of relaxing massage

    Massage room: The environment should be comfortable, spacious, clean, the temperature should be pleasant 스웨디시. To avoid freezing, we must avoid noise and drafts as much as possible, so we will install a heater in the classroom or gym if necessary. For relaxation, we use simple music, which makes it easy to get to a quiet place.

    Workplace: This can be done in the gym, on the mat or in the basement, which is specially covered with a large towel to prevent soil erosion. The best solution (if we do not have a lot of stretchers) is to work comfortably in the classroom, placing insulators on multiple connected desks as an improved fabric.

Relaxing massage is performed with minimal procedures

(they prefer sedation), light to medium depth (to release toxins from the muscles) and longer (the time required for a good oxygen supply). Estimated time is 40-45 minutes for a total of -25 and 20-25 for a place. The rhythm is consistent, with no sudden changes or loss of contact with the recipient’s body, so as not to interfere with his or her resting state. For most systems, the hands move in different directions for greater stability. It is done to the heart (from the hands to the shoulders, from the feet to the thighs, from the waist to the neck …).

It increases blood flow.

This facilitates venous recovery and, through it, the release of catabolites locally, thus enhancing muscle recovery.

It strengthens lymph flow and helps remove lactic acid and other residues that occur during strenuous exercise.

Improves muscle nutrition, tone (reduces excessive post-workout), elasticity and contractility.

  •  It strengthens the immune system.
  •  Removes dead skin cells, and cleanses tones.
  • Reduces stress. It produces deep physical and mental relaxation.
  •  It causes the release of endorphins, the “relaxing” hormones.
  •  Healthy due to the effect it has on our skin
  • It promotes emotional stability.
  • It increases hearing and perception.
  • Increases awareness of the human body.


  • Skin and hair diseases
  • Ho Severe swelling with redness, pain and fever
  • Infections and diseases of haemorrhagic, neoplastic and cancer
  • Depression with open wounds, fractures and cracks
  • Neurological diseases: thrombophlebitis, phlebitis …
  • in the acute phase of arthritis.
  • For internal ulcers and burns.
The importance of physical contact

    We live in a time of mechanization:

 TV, computer, mobile… we know them well and are well connected with others, but it is a remote communication, in fact these devices, if not used properly, can add personality, loneliness. . Physical interaction with other people is limited and equals time for self-care, family, work, social responsibilities … there are many daily responsibilities.

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