Advice for teenagers to play sports

or the development of this research, 1 recreation teacher who has a degree in Physical Culture and 32 adolescents from the Entronque de Velasco community, 18 men and 14 women, were taken as a population, which is taken intentionally, the population coincides with the sample. In this, 28 books, 2 Methodological Orientations and 2 Programs were consulted.

Methods used

Theoretical methods: they fulfill their function to allow knowing the essential relationships of the object of study in question for the construction and development of the scientific theory of the investigation.

Empirical methods: fulfill the function of revealing and explaining the characteristics of the research subjects applying new forms of evaluation in the planned and organized activities with the set of proposed recreational physical activities, the selected techniques that were applied were: observation , the survey and the interview, which corroborated the construction, validation and reliability of the methodology used, through the application of the Set of activities, also made it possible to collect data for subsequent analysis according to the statisticians used.

    For the knowledge of the research team,

a group of interviews and surveys were carried out with systematic practitioners and family members, in which they gave the following answers as an example.

    The adolescents surveyed expressed themselves eloquently, an example of them according to the

Answers offered in the first diagnosis according to the recreational nba중계 activities that they would like to practice in the community in exceptional conditions.

    We all know the immense benefits that the practice of physical activity brings to our health. Doctors, Physical Education teachers and other professionals related to health promotion are in charge of reminding us daily at the institute, magazine or newspaper articles, on television, on the radio and in other media. Although the population is aware and recognizes that the practice of physical activity improves their quality of life, it is also necessary to affirm that there is great ignorance about how to exercise so that it is beneficial for health, and does not turn against us, since “not all physical activity is good for health”.

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