QuickBooks Outlook is not responding: What it is and How to tackle it

Microsoft Outlook is used as an email client in QuickBooks to send emails. Also, it can be integrated with various third-party applications. It decreases the complexity that users face while sending emails. But sometimes, users come across with message ‘QuickBooks Outlook is not responding.’ It usually happens because of incorrect email preferences in QuickBooks and Internet Explorer. The issue may also arise when users run QuickBooks and Outlook without admin privileges. Read the complete blog carefully to know the causes and fixation steps for QuickBooks sending email through Outlook is not responding error

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What leads to QuickBooks error Outlook is not responding?

Following are the main reasons due to which error takes place:

1. Corrupted or damaged installation of QuickBooks.

2. Email settings in QuickBooks are inappropriate.

3. You might not be running QuickBooks and Outlook as administrators.

4. There is some damage in the MAPI32.dll file.

Now, follow the steps given in the next section of the blog.

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Top 3 Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks email outlook is not responding error

Follow the troubleshooting solutions given below in correct order to get rid of the error permanently:

Solution 1. Connect and set up Outlook to work with QuickBooks

1. Keep note of Username, password, incoming email server address, incoming email server type, and outgoing email server address.

2. Now, setup Outlook:

In QuickBooks, go to the Edit menu.

Choose Preferences and then Send Forms.

Click Outlook and then OK.

Solution 2. Open QuickBooks and MS Outlook with admin privileges

1. Shut the QuickBooks Desktop application and click the Windows Start icon.

2. Write QuickBooks in the search field and right-click its icon.

3. Choose the Open file location option. When the folder opens, right-click the QuickBooks.exe file.

4. Select Properties and go to the Compatibility tab.

5. Select the Run as Administrator option and then Apply.

Solution 3. Change email preferences for QuickBooks and Internet Explorer

1. Go to the QuickBooks Edit menu and choose Preferences.

2. Choose Send Forms and move to the My Preferences tab.

3. Select the Send email using option and then OK.

4. Select the Edit menu, then Preferences, and then Send Forms.

5. From the My Preferences tab, select QuickBooks email and then OK.

6. Click the Edit menu, select Preferences, and then Outlook.

7. Close QuickBooks, then Outlook, and restart your workstation.

8. Now, open Internet Explorer and select the Gear icon.

9. Choose Internet Options, go to the Programs tab and select the Set Default option.

10. Click to select the Outlook (desktop) option and choose the Set this Program as Default option.

11. Click OK and close the Internet Explorer.

12. Try to send emails using QuickBooks again.

We know resolving ‘QuickBooks Outlook is not responding’ issue is a challenging task. However, following the above troubleshooting solutions in a correct manner will help you eliminate the issue. If you still face any difficulty fixing the issue, call us on our toll-free number +1 800-579-9430 and talk to the QuickBooks technical support team.

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