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Accountable2you: Review

A multiplatform programme called Accountable2You enables you to keep an eye on multiple devices from a single location. It will keep an eye on various programmes and apps that are installed on your system in addition to monitoring other devices, ensuring that nothing is hidden from you if someone else uses your laptop or desktop computer as well.

Among the top features are straightforward device administration, in-the-moment alerts, thorough activity reports, a secure environment, privacy, a robust rating system, a time restriction alert system, and many others. There is a distinct set of accountability partners for every enabled device. Accountable2You is an intuitive programme with an easy installation process. Get immediate alerts when something suspicious happens.

It provides hourly alert reports for all questionable activity, etc.

The Top 14 Accountable2You Replacements for 2022

Here are some details about accountable2you’s alternatives that you can learn about in this article:

Norton Family, first

A parental control programme called Norton Family sets up safe web browsing for children. Parents can protect their children’s online safety by using this application to stop them from purposefully or unintentionally visiting adult websites or viewing adult content. Online Family was the previous name for it. Norton. Another alternative to Accountable2You is this. Check the Software Service as well.

Norton Family is a cloud-based parental control programme made for parents who want to give their kids internet access while also keeping them morally upright. Norton Family promotes parent-child interaction by involving them in online activities. Norton Family users can monitor system activity.

Norton Family also provides the client with reports. Some basic features of Norton Family include web monitoring, social network monitoring, search monitoring, personal information protection, PC time monitoring, email warnings, access requests, etc.

The HomeGuard Activity Monitor is 2.

HomeGuard Activity Monitor, a programme blocker, power filter, screenshot taker, keylogger, and adult content blocker, provides online and offline security. It is a sophisticated, cutting-edge parental control programme. In addition to parental control, it provides families and children with online and offline safety by monitoring activity.

The strongest feature of the HomeGuard Activity Monitor is its capacity to block private content. On your computer, it also shows information about each page you’ve visited, including the time and date of each visit. Other systems that are available include keyloggers, activity-based snapshots, email and chat monitoring, filtering, content and programme blockers, the ability to set time limits for computer use, reports, email notifications, etc.

3. K9 Web Security

K9 Web Protection is yet another useful tool that gives parents total control over their kids’ online activities. The parents are given the authority to filter and control adult advertising, content, and websites. K9 Web Protection, one of the best parental control and internet filtering tools, enables parents to give their kids access to a secure and positive online environment.

Another alternative to Accountable2You is this. Its strongest point is that K9 Web Protection supports three different user types, including those who want to use it for personal purposes. to keep the organization’s children and the children of the parents safe from the harmful internet.

K9 Web Protection is used to filter adult content, control parental access, and protect against spyware and viruses. This suggests that just one piece of software is needed to safeguard the security and safety of the internet while averting online bullying.

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Qustodio 4.

A tool for observing and controlling children’s online behaviour is Qustodio. Qustodio is the best tool for keeping an eye on, managing, and safeguarding your child’s online activity. Qustodio is a tool that parents can use to monitor their kids’ online activities. With Qustodio, users can block inappropriate and adult websites as well as content, protect their kids from cyberbullying, and more.

Qustodio is a well-known parental control programme. Protection is now simple and easy thanks to the excellent parental control programme Qustodio. A user-friendly dashboard enables users to discover how their children use computers, mobile devices, and websites. Qustodio users can set site restrictions for their kids. Another alternative to Accountable2You is this.

Some of the user-friendly and technical features of Qustodio include blocking private, viewing social network activity, setting multi-device time limits, controlling games and programmes, monitoring calls and SMS, location tracking, and a panic button.

NxFilter, 5.

NxFilter, a free web filtering programme, is used to regulate internet user activity.

Customers have the option to monitor their child’s online activity, including their requests for websites and search queries. It serves as the foundation for a safe and bully-free online experience. It is a freeware, all-purpose web filter.

The freemium edition comes with a tonne of complimentary features, including active directory integration, a safe search system, HTTPS filtering, per-user reports, bandwidth control, remote user filtering, application control, quota time, and many more. The user-friendly features of NxFilter include phishing protection, user authentication from IP based to single-signed active directory, category-based website blocking, reporting system, email alert, application control, and more.

Salfeld Child Control, no. 6

With the help of the parental control programme Salfeld Child Control, parents can set up safe internet access for their children on Windows-based devices. The use of certain websites, browsers, messengers, games, etc. by the kids can be restricted by the parents. Nobody wants their kids to use risky or adult websites during their free time online.

Another alternative to Accountable2You is this. This programme thus enables parents to set a time limit for their children’s computer use and create a secure internet environment for them. This tool’s user-friendly, amazing, and intuitive features include PC usage time configuration, internet browsing time limits, and usage restrictions for any specific website.

If it’s a gaming website, there may be internet filtering, content blocking, restrictions on system settings and folders, email notification alert systems, etc.

7. Parental Controls for CyberPatrol

CyberPatrol Parental Controls is a product that enables parents to monitor their child’s online activity. Parents can prohibit explicit content in videos, images, or advertisements by using the parental controls. It serves as a controller and an internet filter at the same time.

The advantages of using this tool include having control over the child’s computer and internet use, protecting the child from cyberbullies, preventing access to adult websites and content, managing children’s access to specific programmes or folders, timing the monitoring of activity, receiving thorough usage reports over time, and much more.

In addition to the aforementioned features and functions, CyberPatrol Parental Controls is a highly customizable tool that enables users to define rules and regulations for the home computer in accordance with their own needs and the environment.

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8. ExploreControl

BrowseControl is a website filtering programme for businesses and organisations that want to control internet access and block websites in the workplace. Parents can use it to create a safe online environment for their children. It is a programme for managing internet access and web filtering.

The advantages of using this tool include the speedy banning of any websites and content, the ability to set a limited internet usage policy, the ability to categorise content, the ability to block programmes and applications, and much more. Another alternative to Accountable2You is this. Check outreach software as well.

Anyone can use it, but businesses looking to increase employee productivity and reduce staff online time waste will find it especially helpful. Use BrowseControl to block time-wasting web content, get rid of ineffective diversionary activities, and uphold the organization’s internet usage guidelines.

DansGuardian 9.

The powerful web content, URL, and PICS filtering tool known as DansGuardian is accessible to everyone. It can be used at work and to stop children from visiting adult websites. In addition to website control, it also carries out tasks for virus filtering, monitoring, and control. Working with UNIX, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux-based operating systems, it is a cross-platform programme.

For all users, including those who work for businesses, organisations, and educational institutions, it is the perfect application. The best thing about DansGuardian is that, since it is entirely a command-line and web-based tool, it can only be used in conjunction with a web proxy like Squid.

Microsoft Windows Live Family Safety 10.

Another alternative to Accountable2You is this. Windows Live Family Safety is a feature offered by the Windows operating system that enables parents to create child accounts and add them to secure family accounts. After being added to a family account, a child won’t have access to inappropriate material. Parents can help keep their children safe online by creating child accounts for them.

A user can choose to restrict access to websites, apps, games, and other content that is harmful or otherwise unsuitable for children when adding a family member.

Additionally, Windows Live Family Safety enables parents to receive activity reports, keep an eye on their children’s activities, and assist their children in forming good browsing habits by setting restrictions and time limits.

Covenant Eyes 11.

Covenant Eyes is a web-screening and online accountability tool that promotes a life without. It is for keeping an eye on and instructing your child about their online activities. By keeping an eye on their online activities, parents can limit their children’s interactions with adults and inappropriate authority.

Other names for Covenant Eyes include Internet accountability software and simply accountability software. Users can configure their operating system’s web filter and block access to adult websites with the aid of the cross-platform application Covenant Eyes.

Parents can be wise parents and provide a safe online environment for their children with the aid of the internet filtering software Covenant Eyes.

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A family, a group, or an individual can use Covenant Eyes. With age-based web content filtering, Covenant Eyes makes it simple for users to block adult and inappropriate content. Additionally, users can create their own block and allow lists, as well as completely shut down the internet during specific hours of the day, thanks to Covenant Eyes’ web content filtering technology.

Pluckeye 12.

Pluckeye is a free internet content filter. It is specifically designed for self-control when conducting online searches. Websites and content are automatically blocked. It gives the user the opportunity to practise self-control and is one of the best online content filters. Another alternative to Accountable2You is this.

Pluckeye functions as an internet filter designed for addicts to stop any bad behaviour. Users were able to set their own priorities thanks to it. Even if they wanted to, addicts who use this application won’t be able to access any adult content because doing so would cause them to be disconnected from the internet. The priorities set by this tool are hard to get around.

Safe Eyes 13.

Safe Eyes is the name of an internet filtering programme for Macs and PCs. With this parental control tool, parents can filter websites, videos, and music. Additionally, messages with search-related reports may be sent to the user. With Safe Eyes, PC and Windows users can block a variety of content, such as websites, videos, music, social networking, instant messaging, games, time restrictions, and much more.

Users of Safe Eyes can get real-time reports on their search activity, social media activity, email activity, and instant message activity. Features offered by Safe Eyes include category blocking, personalised allowed or banned lists, safe-search on all search engines, YouTube filtering, TV channel filtering, media player blocking, music from iTunes blocking, social network blocking, and superior instant messaging application blocking.

14. Temporary Fence

Mobile Fence, a cutting-edge programme, enables parents to keep an eye on everything their kids do on Android devices. It serves as an extra set of eyes that enables parents to safeguard their children in real time by gaining access to their devices, viewing everything they see, and taking appropriate action as needed. With a reliable parental control app’s parental control and time restriction features, you can keep an eye on your child’s mobile phone usage time and content. Another alternative to Accountable2You is this. Additionally, research software firms in Washington, D.C.

It is effective and practical without obstructing your child’s regular mobile activities.

You can protect your child from harmful content and prevent them from viewing it on their smartphone by using this parental control tool. Additionally, you can limit how much time your child spends using apps to avoid smartphone addiction, delete photos and videos to free up memory, and carry out the majority of tasks remotely. It also has a timer feature that enables parents to limit the amount of time their children can spend using a particular app or game. In conclusion, Mobile Fence is an excellent product that you can consider as one of your choices.

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