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The Pirate Bay is the biggest torrent website in the world and is often regarded as the first and most influential website to ever exist. It has faced opposition from some of the most powerful governments in the world and been blocked in at least 28 nations. But because it has been around for more than 15 years, this website has a good reputation for dependability. Users are able to download torrents of movies, TV shows, books, software, games, and music. According to our analysis, movies and TV episodes make up the majority of the torrents on Pirate Bay.ThePirateBay blocks in a number of nations and changes numerous domain names, like the piratebays.Thus, The Pirate Bay is currently operational at The Pirate Bay.Over the past year, torrent sites have come and gone. Now that 2019 has begun, we examine the terrain to determine which sites are currently the most popular ones. The Pirate Bay is still without a doubt the best. Although there have been a few setbacks for the site over the years, it appears that it will be able to celebrate its 15th anniversary in the near future. Numerous recent additions to the list are Rarbg and Limetorrents. While many individuals are pleased when new torrent sites appear, this frequently indicates that others have given up.

Unblocking Thepiratebay with a VPN and proxies

Even though using a The Pirate Bay mirror unblocked is a legal way to view torrent content, it isn’t a 100% reliable fix. The fundamental issue is that using a mirror or proxy site does not ensure the confidentiality of your internet activities, leaving you open to investigation by your internet service provider and others. The best option is to use a VPN to surf in order to ensure the highest level of protection for yourself while torrenting. Your IP address is routed through a number of proxy IP addresses along the rest of the VPN network in order for a VPN (virtual private network) to function.┬áThis makes it very impossible for anyone to monitor your internet usage and browsing habits, helping to ensure much more secure anonymity for your online activities. If you use a PirateBays proxy unblock, you won’t be able to access the same selection of torrent sources that you can while using a VPN.Inability to access The Pirate Bay Are you trying to find a different way to access ThePirateBay? When ThePirateBay is restricted, there are a number of ways to access it. However, PirateBay Mirror & Proxy sites are the most practical. You’ll have to agree with me when I say that it’s difficult to locate working ThePirateBays proxies.Fortunately, a number of ThePirateBay Proxies and Mirror sites have been developed by staff members and other volunteers. in order to facilitate users’ access to the torrent site. The same information, design, and updates will also be available on Thepiratebay Mirrors. The Pirate Bay Mirrors just use a different domain name to do their business.

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I’ll be assisting you with a list of The Pirate Bay mirror and proxy sites in this article. The list will be regularly updated with the most recent proxies, and mirrors are included below: –

Sites that Mirror The Pirate Bay Officially

Piratebay Proxy 1 is Working Exceptionally Fast, Senior No. RARBG Proxy
2. Piratebay Proxy 2 Quickly Functioning
3. Very Quick Working Piratebay Proxy 3
4. Very Quick Working Piratebay Proxy
5. Very Quick Working Piratebay Proxy
6. Fast Working Piratebay Proxy
7. Fast Working Piratebay Proxy
8. Fast Working Piratebay Proxy

List of Other Proxies

Speed of the Pirate Bay Proxy/Mirror: Pirate Bay Proxy ONLINE VERY FAST ONLINE VERY FAST ONLINE Fast OFFLINE N/A OFFLINE N/A
Online Quickly at ONLINE Fast ONLINE
The Pirate Bay Proxy ONLINE Very Quickly Piratebay Proxy ONLINE Very Quickly OFFLINE N/AONLINE PIRAT BAY PROXY Regular
Pirate Bay Proxy ONLINE Fast OFFLINE Normal Pirate Bay Proxy ONLINE
Online Very Fast Slow Piratebay proxy OFFLINE N/A ONLINE
Fast Online The Pirate Bay Proxy @
Very Quick ONLINE Regular The Pirate Bay proxy ONLINE Very Quick ONLINE Slow ONLINE Very Quick OFFLINE N/A ONLINE
The Piratebay proxy QUICK ONLINE
Regular Piratebay Proxy Online Quick
The Pirate Bay Proxy QUICK ONLINE
The Piratebay Proxy is not available.
The Pirate Bay Proxy is not available. OFFLINE N/A ONLINE Normal
Regular Piratebay Proxy Online Quick ONLINE Slow ONLINE Slow OFFLINE N/A OFFLINE N/A ONLINE
Very Quick
ONLINE The Pirate Bay Proxy
Online Slow Pirate Bay Proxy
Very Quick ONLINE
Very Quick ONLINE
Very QuickOnline The Piratebay proxy Slow OFFLINE N/A OFFLINE N/A ONLINE
Regular Pirate Bay Proxy Online Quick ONLINE
Online The Pirate Bay Proxy Very QuicklyInternet-based The Pirate Bay proxy, slow
Internet address: OFFLINE N/A
Online Quick Regular Pirate Bay Proxy
Online Piratebay Proxy @ Slow ONLINE AT The Piratebay proxy is very quick to load both online and offline.
Internet address: OFFLINE N/A
Online The Pirate Bay Proxy Available Immediately at

Slow Piratebay Proxy Online
Very Quick The Pirate Bay Proxy Online Online Regular
The Piratebay Proxy is Online Very Quickly at Online Very Quickly at Online Very Quickly The Piratebay Proxy is Online Normally at Online Very Quickly

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Google Chrome

A collection of independent networks called TOR (The Onion Router) aids in our ability to communicate anonymously. That implies that you can use this browser to access any blocked website.

Install TOR Browser.

Is it safe to use this pirate proxy list?
Definitely, yes! You must first consider your safety before determining how you will get into trouble. This proxy mirror comes from several nations where internet service providers are less rigorous and you can browse pirate stuff. So it is 99% safe, and we recommend using a VPN to ensure 100% anonymity. I hope this is helpful to you!

Best Replacement for Thepiratebays

The Pirate Bay is it down? Do not lose heart. There are a tonne of other torrent websites out there that might offer a comparable selection of content and ease of use. The top torrent websites that can replace piratebays are listed below.


The popular torrent website Limetorrents does not itself hold any torrent files; rather, it links you to other websites that do. Limetorrents is the best option for you if you want to download music, software, movies, and eBooks. Additionally, this torrent site is appropriate for families, so you won’t discover any objectionable material there. one of the greatest mirrors in The Pirate Bay.

The third greatest torrent site on the list is, which differs differently from TPB and RarBG, focuses mostly on movies. Most users consider YTS.AG torrents to be trustworthy and of high quality. Due to its slick user interface, is also exceptional. The greatest mirror in the pirate bay ought to be at the top of your list if you enjoy watching movies in high-definition in 720p, 1080p, or even 3D.


RarBG is the second most popular and reliable torrent website. RarBG, which started off in 2008 as a BitTorrent tracker, now gives torrent files and magnet connections to more than 300,000 users per day. The web’s user-friendly design and the vast amount of torrent comments provided by a wide community are the main reasons for its popularity with so many people.RarBG was initially hosted in Bulgaria in order to elude the law. However, a few nations have officially banned RarBG, including Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Denmark, India, and the UK. Use a Rarbg Proxy if you still wish to access RarBG.

Downloads via torrent

TorrentDownloads is a fantastic option due to its large database and excellent torrent quality. Torrent Downloads is a trusted resource for many people due to its abundance of healthy torrents and excellent download speed.


Additionally, 1337X holds the top spot on the list. The 1337X website, which was launched in 2007, had a significant increase in traffic after a complete redesign. Due to its extensive selection of movies, games, and TV shows, 1337X is a potent torrent service that gets everything crucially correct. excellent substitute for Pirate BayEverything You Need to Know About 1337X is excellent for individuals who are looking for older or more esoteric torrents. See also Virtual Currency International (VCI) Review. The best torrent website is 1337x. Although they might not offer as many torrents as some other websites, they probably have what you’re looking for.


Zooqle, with its fantastic and incredibly user-friendly design, is perceived as a newbie to the peer-to-peer (P2P)/torrenting scene. To manage your subscriptions to your favourite TV episodes and movies, you may quickly create an account on the website by providing your email address, username, and password. Zooqle is without a doubt the best option to satiate TV cravings and binge viewing, giving users access to over 1,300 TV shows and 30,000 movies to freely choose from.The most popular sites also include some others, like ExtraTorrent, TorrentDownload,, Torrentz2, KAT, Torlock, EZTV, Demonoid, BTScene,, iDope, and Monova.

The Pirate Bay is it lawful?

The Pirate Bay’s creators were found guilty of aiding in copyright infringement in Sweden and received a prison sentence. Additionally, internet service providers are required to block access to the website in various areas, including the EU.
It is, however, freely available in other countries. Utilizing The Pirate Bay to look for and download content that is covered by trademark and copyright rules may not be legal, even in places where it is permitted.

The Pirate Bay is it secure?

A website, The Pirate Bay is all. It is safe in the nations where it is available because it does not host any content or show adverts.
In locations where it is forbidden, there may be different proxies (websites that copy the original but have a different domain and IP address) accessible.
It’s difficult to say that all proxies are secure; the most of them are, but some can have spyware or adware.There are more things to think about. While The Pirate Bay itself is certainly secure, its search results for torrents and magnet files may not be.

Why Am I Unable to Use the Pirate Bays?

As previously stated, Pirate Bay is forbidden in many nations, and in some cases, the Internet Service Provider forbids access to the website.
The website’s server may occasionally be down due to an internal issue. But in this case, the website has already made it known on its website.
You don’t need to worry anymore because the issue has been fixed. Even if the site is restricted, you can still access it using mirror sites and Pirate Bay proxies.
This implies that with tpb, you may easily access your preferred content.

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