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Wicker Chair: How To Choose It?

Wicker chair is a very attractive element that will attract all eyes inside. These have quite a bit of resistance, flexibility and adaptability and are synonymous with sustainability in development, supply and use. Get to know the fastest growing tropical wood which is very important for the conservation of the good condition of the forest. Discover the possibilities that this natural material has to offer you. Go for a wicker chair resistant to hot, cold, wet and dry climates with a high level of comfort. 

To find the wicker chair you need

Vintage and modern at the same time, the wicker chair will find a place in your interior decoration to bring comfort and warmth. The trick is to find the one that is perfect for your interior. Follow our guide!

The importance of design

The wicker chair is a seat that has one more true decorative asset. The design of your wicker chair is therefore of great importance. Therefore, you will find many models made of wicker rolled and curved with style and ingenuity. Whether you decide to go for a sober model or an armchair that just didn’t work anymore , make sure it still maintains an authentic side. In fact, you will have the choice between classic looking wicker chairs, a traditional armchair and others with all round shapes. Depending on your wishes, you can also choose a wicker rocking chair or a swivel chair. Also consider investing in a wicker chair whose dimensions are in line with those of the room in which it will sit to highlight it. A chair that is too big will quickly become cumbersome and risk making you regret your purchase. Also, if your chair is too small for your room, it will go completely unnoticed. The dimensions of your wicker armchair are therefore very important and should partly condition your choice.

The comfort of the seat

Like any seat, a wicker chair must above all be very comfortable. Its main function is, in fact, to welcome you and offer you support and comfort . Most of the models are adorned with padded cushions that will provide you with undeniable comfort. If, in addition, your chair is rounded, you can gently curl up and let yourself go into relaxation. However, be sure to check the quality of the padding used for your wicker chair cushions. This is because poor quality padding will not provide good support and will eventually warp and flatten over time. You will also find wicker armchairs without cushions . then it is better to choose such a model equipped with armrests and a comfortable backrest to benefit from a better seat. Then you can at your leisure place cushions and blankets on your wicker chair to make it more cozy and pleasant.

A sturdy wicker chair

Who says a sturdy wicker chair? chair that will last over time . So, remember to check the strength of the chair when choosing it. To do this, if you buy your wicker chair in a physical store, try it by sitting on it to test its stability . Also examine the overall structure and delicacy of the wicker weave to make sure the chair is of good quality. If, on the other hand, you choose your wicker armchair on the internet, don’t hesitate to consult customer reviews to see the level of satisfaction provided by the model you like.

An easy-care wicker chair

The wicker chair is usually easy to maintain. This will allow you to keep it in perfect condition for a long time . Thus, the cleaning of the wicker chair is usually done using ‘a soft cloth that will allow you to ” remove the dust. Also use a vacuum to make sure you clean every nook and cranny. As for the cushions, they are usually washed in a washing machine. If you wish to clean your wicker chair more thoroughly , you only need to wash the entire surface with hot water and a brush with which you will gently brush it so as not to damage it. Then rinse the entire wicker chair under cold water.

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