Top 6 Reasons why your emails go in the Spam Box

Have you ever wondered why your email goes to the spam box? You’ve seen some of your emails get filtered to the spam box while others don’t. What could be the reason? Everytime it does, you feel frustrated. Why? Well if you feel disappointed because your email was marked as spam, then it means your campaign hasn’t been a success! So the email didn’t went where it was supposed to go–right in front of the people you wanted to reach. Let’s talk about the 6 reasons why your email is going to spam.

Reasons Why your emails go in the Spam Box

 Here are some common reasons why your emails might be going into the spam box:

1. Your Target Audience isn’t Right

If you don’t know who your target audience is, then you can’t properly tailor your emails to their needs. The easiest way to figure out who your target audience is is by using Google Analytics or another analytics tool. You can create segments based on age, gender, location and interests. Once you know who your customers are, then you can send them relevant emails that they’ll actually open and read.

2. You Have an Unprofessional Subject Line

The subject line of “Hi!” or “Hey!” does not make people want to read what you have to say. It makes them think that it is spam and they will delete it without even opening it up. They also don’t want to be bothered with sales pitches and other things that aren’t relevant to them, so don’t try and sell anything in the subject line either. Use something personal that relates back to their interests or something they would be interested in reading about, such as a new book release or special deal on something that they might like.

3. You Don’t Have Permission to Email Subscribers

If you haven’t asked for permission from subscribers before sending them messages, then they are likely going to think that you are spamming them. If you don’t have permission, then there is no way that they will read your emails or click through on any links contained within them.

4. Your IP Address Is or Has Been Used for Spam

If you’re sending out a lot of emails, it’s possible that your IP address has been flagged as being a source of spam. This happens when your email server sends an email to someone who doesn’t want it, and they complain to their ISP. The ISP then reports this bad behaviour back to the anti-spam organisation Spamhaus — and you end up on their blacklist.

In this case, your own ISP is most likely not to blame. There are many different ways a spammer can use your IP address to send out spam without you realising it. If someone else is using your network without permission, or if there’s a security flaw in one of your servers that allows hackers to use it as an intermediary between them and their victims’ inboxes, then this could happen without your knowledge or fault.

5.You Have Low Engagement Rates

If you are sending a lot of email marketing campaigns, you should know that, in order to make your emails reach the inboxes of your recipients, there are a few things that you need to take care of. One of them is engagement rates.

If you have a low engagement rate, it means that people are not opening or clicking on your emails and this can be an indication that they are sent in the spam box.

6. You Have Low Mailbox Usage

 When you send an email, it is first sent to the recipient’s inbox. If the recipient does not open the message within a certain period of time, the message is automatically moved to the spam folder. This means that if you have low mailbox usage, your emails may be moved back to your inbox.

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