Why is canon mx922 printing blank pages?

As we all know, Canon Printers are prone to problems. One example is when a canon mx922 printing blank pages. It is a real nightmare when you are doing a great job. However, the printer suddenly is unable to work. Additionally, when you change the cartridge, the problem becomes more severe. You can however contact Canon Printer Customer Service to resolve this problem at your own pace.

There are other, simple and effective solutions that can solve your questions within a brief time. However, you must keep in mind If you’re not an expert in technology and you are not a tech-savvy person, we suggest to avoid taking a risk and by contacting support online and solve the issue quickly.

Now, take a look at the possible causes of Canon printers issues with printing blank pages are like this:

  • There are some defaults in the Canon printer’s hardware.
  • The issue could arise because of a cartridge malfunction.
  • Ink levels that are low could cause main factors behind this issue.
  • Certain software could be the cause.
  • Sometimes, printer drivers cause issues
  • The problem may be in the device you are using for printing , other than the printer.

Follow the steps below to resolve the Canon printer issues printing black pages:

Check cartridge

  • Be sure to install the ink and toner cartridges correctly in your Canon printer following the instructions provided in the installation guide.
  • Remove the protective sheet and circular cover of the first, otherwise it can hinder your work, and the Canon printers printing blank pages errors might occur.

Check the ink level

  • If the ink cartridge in your printer is empty, your printer is bound to prints empty pages. You can determine the amount of ink by looking at the menu buttons on the printer.

Unblock Print heads

  • This issue usually occurs in the event that you’ve not used the Canon printer for a while. The ink is dried up and the print heads are blocked. In this case, using a soft cloth that is lint-free, it is necessary to clean the print heads. You can also employ an automatic cleaning technique to clear dirty or blocked print heads.

Try to update the Drivers for your Printer

  • If the driver for your printer is not up-to-date, it could create the problem. Make sure you ensure that your driver is always up-to-date.

If the issue continues to get worse, contact Canon Printer Customer Service Phone Number and be connected with skilled techs. They will always be there until you can fix the issue yourself.

Printheads that are built into the printer

Individual ink cartridges work with a separate, replaceable printhead that is included inside the printer.  These cartridges are often much thinner than integrated cartridges and are sold in the 4 common printer cartridge colors: black, cyan, magenta and yellow.  Some photo printers might require a few additional color cartridges, like a photo black or photo cyan.  If you print a lot, you may need to eventually replace the printhead after extended use, however since most replacement printheads are just as expensive as the printer, many users end up just buying a new printer instead of a new printhead.

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