Why Hiveon ETC Pool Is A Great Pool?

A search for an ETC mining pool becomes a real challenge when you see a huge variety of different pools that have a lot to provide. Even more experienced miners with a good portfolio can find it really difficult to choose the best ETC mining pool to fulfill all their demands.

However, many people don’t pay attention to the service, which makes the mining extremely simple, and provides you with a great and stable service. And we are talking about Hiveon.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the work of Hiveon. What advantages this mining pool provides, and how great it is for people who want to attend an Ethereum Classic mining pool.

What About Hiveon Hashrate?

Many people don’t understand how essential is hash rate for the successful mining. But this is the most important part of every ETC pool. In fact, it is the value that is needed to successfully mine a difficult token.

Hiveon is focused on pools ETC and gives the best hash rate for this coin. A 17 TH/s hash rate is more than enough to mine currency without any difficulties. While other services use ETC as a secondary currency for mining, their rates are significantly lower, which makes it harder for users to mine this token.

Though, there is no need to forget about the accessibility of the website. How does Hiveon deals with the ping?

How Does The Pool Manages Ping?

Ping is a common issue for many miners. The high pool load will be a real pain for the ones who want to access their money faster. Usually, we experience 100 ms. This is a golden classic that we can describe nothing buy average.

However, when we are talking about the accessibility, Hiveon provides you with a stable 50 ms ping, that would be a real joy to use. For this reason, the vast majority of the operations would be managed twice as faster than people usually get. Why is that important?

Firstly, ping is essential, because joining the Ethereum classic pool and starting mining, you have to send a lot of data to the pool. The pool, however, has to manage it, accept or reject. But with slower ping, such a complex thing might take a lot of time.

The other reason why lower ping is great is that the efficiency is at its highest point. For now, the resources of your farm will produce more cash for the same period of time. And that is beautiful.

But is that really worth it? What about the payoffs?

The Payoffs In The Pool

This ETC pool is focused on giving you the best income possible. Interested in the exact way? Let’s talk about the most common payment methods.

First, we have the PPS payout method. This one is common for ETC mining pools. But the main issue of this one is that pool ETC members don’t get the income directly from the token they were mining. They are getting a certain payment for the hash they provide. The main disadvantage of this method is that the price can be easily changed by the operator due to the fact they take all the risk. If the mining is not successful, the operator of the pool can simply reduce the payout for people.

Second popular method is the PPLNS. This is a nice method, which means that you are sharing the reward between other users only after the block was received. But the main disadvantage of this method is that mining procedure is not always successful. You will not get the money you deserve if something went wrong.

And the third one is the PPS+ method. Why this one is the best? Everything is simple. Talking roughly, this is a combination of both previous methods. For this reason, you are getting a price for the hash you provide. But after that, all the ETC pool members get the share of the reward. And this is the method Hiveon uses.

This payment method might seem as a non-profitable one for the pool. But for taking the risk, the pool owner takes all the risk to provide the best conditions for people.

What About Commissions On This Pool?

When you deal with the payouts on the Hiveon, there is a time to learn more about how complete is your reward on this payment pool. And here, you are getting your fair part for every mined block. There is no need for the pool to take more.

But pay attention to the important fact, that Hiveon is not only a pool, but a Hive OS platform that removes all the potential commissions if you are using their OS. And this is a great way to save your money and time.

First of all, Hive OS is much more convenient for users because they can complete their mining setup easily and without any problems. It also affects the overall efficiency of mining and makes your equipment work better. Using this OS, you are providing yourself with beneficial conditions to make sure that you pay less.

But what happens when the block is not found? Nothing. You still get your regular PPS payout. The risk of the unsuccessful mining is always precalculated, and Hiveon will not charge you for some mistake.

Why Hiveon Is A Real Deal For Crypto Miners?

Joining an Ethereum Classic mining pool might sound like a real challenge. Of course, everyone might be a little worried because they want to implement their farm as successful as it only possible.

And Hiveon will be that one best option for you, which will give you a great opportunity to reduce your costs and have the most convenient ETC mining pool services possible.

By using Hiveon, you can find a great community of ETC miners who attended a nice service here. This platform is focused on ETC pool, so everything is made to provide you with convenient mining of this one specific currency.

Simple, fresh, and well-made, Hiveon is waiting for you!

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