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Which Décor Goes Well With Iron Doors in Nevada?

Iron doors are an excellent addition to any home. They’re beautiful, completely customizable, and add significant value to your home overall. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter who wants to elevate the look of your iron doors even more, the best way to do so is to add some complimentary décor!

Decorations are a great way of making your home stand out in the neighborhood, as well as adding a certain level of personalization that will show off your character and tastes. You can even decorate your interior doors for an additional level of unparalleled beauty.

Here are some of the best decorations that will go with your iron door in Nevada:

Look at the door’s own design

Wrought iron entry doors are available in a wide variety of styles, so why not go for decorations that perfectly match your door’s aesthetic? Working with what you already have will give you an even better overall effect.

If your door has a lot of curves and scrolls, you’re spoilt for choice. You can play up the curvy design of your iron door and create a fun, whimsical look that wouldn’t look out of place in a Dr. Seuss story. Think of cartoonish styles, bright colors, and stripes!

If that doesn’t fit your personal style, you can also go with some more elegant and dramatic with golden accents. You can decorate minimalist doors with a similarly elegant and simple style.

If you have a door that’s rustic and classic, embrace it! Try to include bundles of branches, pine, burlap, or wood into your décor. These attractive but simple decorations can work wonderfully with your door to create a beautiful and cohesive look.

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Choose some fun colors

Decorating your iron doors for the holidays is a great way to let out some holiday cheer and help your front door stand out from the crowd! It also provides a lot of room for experimentation with your personal style.

If you’re decorating for winter, choose some classic red and green for Christmas—these cheerful and colorful options are the perfect way to show your festive mood. If you don’t celebrate Christmas or simply want to have a unique color scheme for the winter, you can try using blue and white to evoke icicles and snow. For a more playful and fun look, you can also opt for dark blues and purples intermixed with silver.

For spring, you can bring in the colors of romance as an ode to Valentine’s Day and go with reds, whites, and pinks for a lovey-dovey vibe around your home.

You can go for fresh greens and blues during the summer months or go for a singular color pallet that you follow the whole year-round. It’s completely up to you! Colors can have a strong emotional effect on viewers, so you can communicate a lot with the pallet that you choose.

Add some foliage

Plants are an amazing centerpiece for home décor, whether they’re real or fake, especially for doors. Traditional garlands made from pine are a staple for the holidays—you can’t go wrong with them! You can also get wreaths made out of lavender, olive leaves, and eucalyptus. Check out your local health food stores or specialty grocery stores for beautiful branches and wreaths that you can hang on your iron front door.

Berries add a great pop of color to doors, drawing all of the attention and making your front door stand out. You can also add some magnolia leaves or dried oranges for an additional dose of warmth to your décor.

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Light it up

String lights have a strong association with the holiday season, but you can add them to your iron doors at any time! People usually hang them from their roofs, but you can also use them to frame your door or wind it through any bars in your wrought iron door for an even more unique look.

There are many different string light styles out there—you can go retro and get large and colorful bulbs or stay classy with some dainty, small, and warm lights. If you want a dash of drama, you can also opt for icicle lights!

You can also go for lanterns framing your door—from oriental designs to vintage lanterns; there’s a whole world of pretty lights to choose from. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches the vibe of the rest of your house and its indoor décor.


Garlands are classic for the holidays, but they look adorable throughout the year. They’re perfect for homes with single iron doors since you can use them to create a grander entryway by highlighting the shape of your door.

Fresh garlands that are made from live plants are extremely elegant, and they smell amazing. The delicious smell of dried fruit and pine at your front door will make your guests feel instantly at home.

There are certain garlands that are more traditional, such as those made with cranberries and popcorn. You can even spend a fun night with your kids or family to make some beautiful garlands for all the iron doors in the house! Linked paper garlands are perfect for indoor use, and they’re an excellent addition to a child’s room, especially since they can customize it according to their tastes.

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