When to Replace Commercial Glass Doors

Do you suspect your commercial glass door needs replacement but are unsure what to look for? Glass doors give your workplace a nice aesthetic touch and provide a view of the outside. There may come a time when your doors need commercial glass replacement. Here are factors to help you identify when you require a new glass door:

The Door Doesn’t Open or Close Easily

When your door starts to stick or requires more energy to open or close, it’s time to replace it. Glass doors are installed in commercial settings to make entries and exits easier for you and your customers. When they start to stick, it can become inconvenient and pose a danger to safety.

The Door Is Misaligned

Misalignment of glass doors may occur due to faulty or lost screws and rollers. This can require replacement or repair, depending on the level of damage. If the damage is extreme, then replacement would be the best solution.

The Door Has a Crack

Cracked glass can cause harm to you, your clients, or your workers, putting your business at stake. Get a professional to replace the door immediately to prevent injuries.

The Door Allows Drafts

Do you experience a difference in temperature between other parts of the room and around your glass door? This indicates that your door’s frames have gaps that allow drafts.

Another sign of drafts is an increase in utility expenditures and difficulty maintaining the correct room temperature. When this happens, a replacement can be the best solution to eliminate drafts and manage the optimal temperature in your workplace.

The Door Has Space Between the Frame

Extreme bending and damage make your door develop openings where drafts can enter. This eventually exposes your business to bug invasions.

Gaps occur if your glass door tilts excessively to one side, which can be risky. Consult a professional for replacement immediately if you notice gaps around doors and the bordering frame.

The Door Has Squeaky Noises

Grinding sounds when opening or shutting your glass door can indicate that something is blocking the door rails. Try dusting or greasing to see if the noise goes away. If it persists, the issue is mechanical and requires a new glass door rail system.

The door tracks might gather dirt and dust if they aren’t regularly cleaned. This makes it difficult to move and creates permanent damage that necessitates replacement.

There Is a Change in Your Business Needs

It’s normal for businesses to grow or implement new working guidelines. In such cases, replacing your existing glass doors to meet the changing demands can become the best solution.

Not every glass door has the same design. They all come in various styles and features. This means that not every door will suit your needs.

As your business expands, you might need a larger door or to designate one of your entries as an emergency escape. In this situation, the only alternative would be to change the existing door with another more resilient and secure one.

Safety rules change frequently. You need to comply with them. If your doors do not meet safety codes, they may need replacement.

The Door Has Irreparable Damage

Scratches, fractures, or total breakage are irreparable damages. Your glass door may also appear outdated compared to the rest of your building. The best option in this situation is to replace it, especially if you want to maintain your workplace’s distinctive appearance.

You may notice a slow deterioration in functionality as your glass doors wear down before they finally stop functioning. Install new doors if your old ones are in bad shape before they become a major concern.

When your glass doors open from the outside rather than the inside, they may become damaged beyond repair. This is primarily a result of overexposure to an adverse climate like the direct sun.

Severe temperatures cause the weakening of your door frame due to expansion and contraction. Glass can develop cracks, haze, or cloudiness. Your glass doors may be prone to wear and tear from natural forces, even if you take precautions.

Seek Professional Commercial Glass Replacement

Glass doors are designed to have a long lifespan. They can last for quite a bit of time if you maintain them correctly. Talk to a glass specialist for a professional inspection and to evaluate whether your doors need commercial glass replacement.

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