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Delta 8 THC Syrup popularity may be attributed to a variety of factors. It may, for example, provide the full-body intoxication high of food.

The cannabis syrup sector might potentially benefit from the popularity of lean in Hip Hop and popular culture.

At least one company includes the word “lean” in the title of their product.

Cannabis, another brand, uses Hip Hop iconography in its marketing approach. Its main website prominently displays an image of a young Black guy dressed in a red NY Yankees uniform pouring tropical punch flavored Delta 8 THC Syrup into a soft drink container, almost as if he were mixing up some purple Sprite. Delta 8 Syrup is “usually blended with a beverage,” according to Cannavis’ about page. (The corporation did not respond to an email asking about its marketing strategy.)

Companies selling cannabis syrup, particularly those labeled “lean,” seem to be targeting those who want the appearance and mood of lean without the hazards or expensive price.

How Delta 8 THC Syrup differs from smoking

Anyone who has used edibles will tell you that the high lasts longer and maybe more strong than smoking.

Edibles are popular in general because they offer a different high than smoking or vaping. THC enters the bloodstream relatively soon after smoking cannabis. This results in a very quick onset. THC from edibles passes via the digestive system to the liver, where it is metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC. This isn’t the only reason edibles take longer to kick in, but it is one of the reasons they generate a different high than smoking.

According to research, 11-hydroxy-THC is more potent than THC. Anyone who has used edibles, particularly at higher doses, will tell you that the experience lasts longer and maybe more powerful. It often creates a strong bodily high as well as a profound mental influence.

THC syrup, when combined with a soft drink, may provide a cannabis beverage of sorts, however, the consistency of THC syrups varies.

Cannabis drinks, like normal edibles, may have a significant onset period – well over an hour. This is improving as the industry devotes more time and effort (read: money and research) to developing rapid-onset drinks.

Is it secure?

First and foremost. Delta 8 Syrup does not pose the same risk as lean. However, if you’ve emptied the bottle into a soft drink, it’s pretty simple to consume too much. Unwanted side effects, like with any cannabis product, might arise when the dosage is too high.

Another issue that may arise is if you combined your liquid cannabis with alcohol, such as hard liquor. This may provide an extremely intoxicating, slowed-down effect that may approximate some of the sensations associated with lean.

Some types of THC syrups may seem novel, according to Tal Lupo, a product developer in the Israeli cannabis market. He argues that they “resemble century-old cannabis tinctures provided at pharmacies.”

Delta 8 Syrup mixed with alcohol “may truly generate serious deleterious consequences,” Luo continued, citing a 2013 research that stated that “simultaneous alcohol and marijuana consumption raises major concern owing to the possibility for additive or interaction psychopharmacological effects.”

The bottom line with marijuana syrup? Don’t combine it with alcohol, and start slowly until you discover what works best for you.

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