What is it like to Join a Halfway House after a Rehab Program?

In any recovery program, halfway houses constitute an integral part of any recovering addict. This journey is long and essential to get better. It requires you to rediscover yourself after addiction and get back to everyday life. 

Evidently, such a huge task needs more than self-determination. It needs support, care, and constant motivation for the individual. This is because you may have triggers, mood swings, and cravings after you return from a rehab program. Hence, it is clear that some extra help during this time can be useful. 

To get access to such help, you can visit a halfway house in Idaho. This is a transitional living facility that takes care of people who have returned from rehab facilities, prisons, or other treatment centers. After spending time in a halfway house, people generally feel more equipped to start being independent, get employment, etc. 

Life in a halfway house is very different from that in rehab programs. If you wish to join a halfway house, you should be able to paint a picture of your life there. 

How Restrictive is a Halfway House?

This is where life at a halfway house differs majorly: halfway houses grant freedom to recovering addicts. There, people can go to their school or job, meet friends and family, and partake in social events. Along with this, you have to fulfill some expectations. 

  • You must begin living a life of sobriety. In halfway houses, people encourage each other by being sober. Random screening tests are conducted to affirm that you remain sober.
  • Most halfway houses impose curfews. You must abide by them and leave the premises accordingly.
  • As a member of the halfway house, you are expected to do the basic chores of the halfway house. Do the dishes, clean up your room, take turns to make food, etc. This will make you prepared for an independent life. Also, you will have chores to do to divert your attention from cravings and triggers.
  • To maintain sobriety, you are also expected to join recovery meetings like twelve-step meetings or enroll in psychological counseling. This is because addiction can happen due to other underlying causes, such as mental illnesses. By attending these meetings, you keep your sobriety in check!
  • Anything that deters people from being in a peaceful surroundings is strongly discouraged. Accordingly, you must not be violent with someone else or intentionally cause harm to them. If you have such tendencies, it is better to talk about these issues to your psychologist. Talking about them will also make you adopt healthier measures. You will learn how to control yourself and not act on impulsive needs.
  • Other practices like theft, vandalism, or bullying are strictly prohibited.

These rules of a halfway house can bring you a step closer to sobriety. You can visit a halfway house near you to grasp their rules and lifestyle better. 

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