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What does The Real Estate Title Company do to protect you?

Once the initial search is out-and-out, the real estate title company may ask for a survey of the piece of land to be carried out. The land survey will be done to ascertain the boundaries of the property are where you believe them to be and that the structures on the land are wholly within those boundaries.

As part of this property examination procedures, the company will also review to see if any neighboring properties are encroaching on the property you wish to purchase. They will also check to ascertain that no part of “your” new property encroaches on that of the neighbor’s.

If any encroachments there, the real estate title company will check to see if the infringement has formerly identified, whether any easements have agreed upon between the existing parties, and what impact this may or may not have on your ownership and enjoyment of the piece of land.

Not all properties need this step, and not all Commercial Closing Services Weston commission a survey. If a survey of your property does not hold a place, your title organization will go straight to the next step.

Closing Services

Once all of the research information has obtained, and Commercial Closing Services Weston. Is happy they have reveal everything there is to know. The company proceed and issue what known as an Abstract of Title. The title abstract is a summary of everything they have found during their title examination. It possess the basic history of ownership and any issues that may have discovered. This abstract is a “first draft” of the legitimate  title information, and it issued so that the sale of the land can move forward.

Opinion Letter

Once the Title Opinion Letter is in favour, the company for Commercial Closing Services Weston will also issue title insurance. This policy shields the buyer, and the lender should any legal proceedings arise around the ownership of the property in the future as a result of something missed by the title agency.

When you think about the potential problems that can confronted in the future. The cost of title insurance is comparatively cheap in the grand scheme of things. If you opt for the owner’s title insurance it will rolled into your concluding costs.

While all real estate title businesses will execute title searches, some companies will play additional roles during the purchase procedures. The other things a title company does encompass the following:

  1. Your title company may also play the role of an escrow agent for the sale.
  2. Deposit disputes usually resolved either through an arbitration process or through the courts. In many of the states, the real estate broker representing the home. Seller will hold the deposits and not the title organization. The seller’s real estate counsel in some circumstances holds the escrow deposit as well.

In these possession having escrow companies involved avoided. These finances duly accounted for at the real estate closing as part of the HUD settlement statement.


The title company is responsible for ensuring that the seller is the legal owner of the property. And that there are no outstanding liens or claims against the property. They also ensure that the money paid for the property is going to the correct party. And that all the paperwork is in order. For more information, visit our website.

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