What do Data science courses cover?

Data science is a field that combines statistics, mathematics, and computer technology. The online data science certificate course equips students to be critical data analysts and users in a range of fields such as industry, research, and government. The data science course focuses on the ethical creation and use of data. The Data science classes curriculum focuses on cutting-edge data trends and offers you a strong mathematical foundation to comprehend the specifics of how data works. Students can pick a track to devote their credit hours on with a cross-disciplinary degree. The courses in each track allow you to tailor your degree to a specific field related to data science. The five tracks for data science online degree are as follows:

Behavioral science

The behavioral sciences program prepares you for data science professions in human behaviors and attitudes, cognitive science, human development, and medicine, as well as doctoral studies in quantitative psychology, human development, education, and biostatistics. Learn data science in behavioral design, as well as basic and advanced data analytic techniques. These will allow you to identify underlying causes of behavior, create prediction models using supervised learning algorithms, and cluster individuals with unsupervised learning approaches. You will receive an in-depth grasp of human behavior as well as essential data science abilities.


The bioscience program teaches you how to use computational abilities to research the biological sciences. Employers in the biological sciences want individuals who can grasp and analyze data. People with experience using innovative computational methodologies and computer programs to handle data are in even higher demand. As a biosciences student, you will acquire a range of computational techniques for analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data in the biological sciences. This allows you to learn data science online and investigate the ethical concerns of gathering, analyzing, and disseminating computational life sciences data.

Business analytics

The business analytics data science online program will teach you how to be an excellent data scientist in a company setting. You will be able to respond to business-related problems such as forecasting, client classification, demand prediction, yield management, and price optimization. These are the questions that drive strategy and define success for businesses and sectors alike. The need for business-savvy data scientists is increasing at an exponential rate, as is their earning potential. Within a top-ranked curriculum, you can easily explore the nexus between business and data science in the business analytics track.

The social sciences

The social science course will teach you how to comprehend and evaluate how macro-scale patterns of organization and social structures emerge from individual behaviour and decentralized decision-making. Data science online training will help recognize the signatures of complex adaptive systems in which macro-scale patterns emerge from micro-scale interactions in social science applications, such as the spatial patterning of human settlements, the emergence of cities, and the evolution of culture and the dynamics of social networks.

Spatial science

The spatial science program will provide you with a unique perspective on studying the world using geographic big data created in real-time. Streaming data from the Internet of Things connected to smart cities, satellite remote sensing pictures reflecting the Earth’s changing environment, commercial transaction records, or GPS traces of vehicles in a supply chain are examples of geospatial data. This route will widen and deepen your knowledge of data analytics and data science, preparing you to compete in the future employment market and get the best data science certification online.

Best data science courses online

Certification in data science can significantly improve one’s employment. Great Learning data science online courses can help you gain the critical abilities that employers are searching for, whether you are a student seeking a bright start to your career or a professional trying to extend your work options. According to Glassdoor data trends, it is the best job somebody can acquire. This year, the world requires 5 million Data Science workers. With the exponential quantity of data being created and recorded, it stands to reason that the demand for data analytics will only grow. Companies will continue to recruit data scientists in order to get significant insights and build business strategies. Here is our selection of the best online analytics courses for 2022. 

  1. Data Science Specialization – The Data Science specialty combines theory and application using the R programming language. In terms of requirements, you should have some programming expertise and a solid grasp of Algebra.
  2. Introduction to Data Science – This is the only data science online course on this list, and it is a six-week data science course that covers everything in the data science process.
  3. Data Science with Python Specialization – A thorough introduction to frequently used data science Python libraries such as matplotlib, pandas, nltk, sci-kit-learn, and network, as well as instruction on how to apply them to real-world data.
  4. Data Science MicroMasters  – MicroMasters is the ideal blend of theory and application. The lectures cover a wide range of topics and are expertly balanced with real-world applications.
  5. Dataquest – Dataquest is a terrific resource on its own, but it also acts as an excellent supplement to your online study if you take other courses on our list.
  6. Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters – The addition of probability and statistics classes makes this MIT series a particularly well-rounded program for intuitively understanding data. This MIT MicroMaster program devotes additional focus to statistical topics.
  7. CS109 Data Science – Python is utilized in this course, and several lectures go through the subtleties of the various data science libraries in order to work through real-world, intriguing challenges. This is one of the few best data sciences courses covering all aspects of the data science process.
  8. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp – The teacher does an excellent job presenting the Python, visualization, and statistical learning fundamentals required for any data science project.


A degree in data science can lead to a profession in various sectors. Whether you want to acquire your bachelor’s degree or further your career with a master’s degree in data science, Great Learning’s best data science courses online are affordable. They have tie-ups with reputed universities, and it is the best place to learn data science.

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