What Are the Most Common Types of Guns?

Did you know that the first fully automatic machine gun was developed in 1884 in England? If you are looking to own your own gun but are a bit overwhelmed on what to choose because of all the gun options, we are here to help you. We have put together this guide to share the most common types of guns available.

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Rifle guns were made with the intention to be fired from the shoulder, so they are a bit larger. Rifles use the energy of the explosive found in the cartridge to fire a single bullet through when the trigger is pulled. There are quite a few rifle options, but the most common ones include a bolt action rifle, a semi-automatic rifle, and a lever action rifle.

When you opt for a rifle you want to make sure you choose one that you feel comfortable holding and aiming with. You also have to learn the proper cleaning technique when you are a rifle owner. While you are shopping it is best to buy your gun from a store that has an FFL (Federal Firearms License).

We encourage you to read this article to learn more about this license and why it is important whether you are buying guns or selling guns.


These guns are meant to fire a bullet or projectile from one or more barrels while you’re holding the pistol in your hand. They are pretty small where you don’t need to use both hands to shoot it. This is why pistols are a popular choice when it comes to concealed carry weapons.

The most common types of pistols include a semi-automatic pistol, a single shot pistol, and a multi-barrel pistol. When you own a pistol you want to make sure you clean it regularly, especially right after you use it. This will help it work correctly and maintain the best accuracy.

You will have to unload the gun, use special tools to clean it once you disassemble it. The inside of the barrel has to be cleaned out and before putting everything back together you will need to lubricate certain components.


Around the 1600s the shotgun was designed by Germans as a short musket that a person could fire from the shoulder. Usually, any generic shotgun will require the same loading process which is first to use your offhand to hold the shotgun slide as you place the end of the shotgun on a solid surface.

You have to make sure that the muzzle is pointing upwards with the trigger facing away from you. Then use your dominant hand to place the shell in the loading flap and push the shell upwards with your thumb until you hear it click into place.

Repeat the same process until the magazine is completely loaded. Once you have all the bullets loaded then you will pull the slide back and forward to put the shell in the chamber. At this point the shotgun is ready to fire.

If you opt for this type of gun, you want to make sure you have all the safety equipment that is recommended. Also, make sure you have the guidance from an experienced shooter and some training before you run around trying to load and shoot.

One thing to keep in mind with shotguns is the recoil. There is a big recoil when you fire the gun which is why you need to have a good grip and stance when shooting to avoid falling over.


This is a type of handgun where you have a cylinder with multiple chambers that hold a single cartridge each. The cylinder spins or revolves every time the cartridge turns.

If you want to shoot your gun at a shooting range to practice, then a revolver is a good choice for this activity. There are also revolvers where you can shoot multiple calibers.

The way a revolver works is by feeding the cylinder with rounds into the barrel before you shoot instead of feeding cartridges from a magazine like you do with handguns. When the hammer is cocked then one of the chambers will align with the barrel.

At this point you will pull the trigger to fire your bullets. Every round has to be loaded individually into the cylinder chambers.

Machine Guns

Although most people do not buy machine guns these are another option. Machine guns are guns that can automatically shoot more than one shot without having to manually reload it. This was the first firearm invented where a person could fire more than one round without the need to reload in between.

Modern machine guns are rifles with long bores that are grooved. Initially the barrel will receive the bullet when it is propelled forward and then the grooves will spin the bullet which allows it to fire straight when it exits the chamber.

When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin will hit the primer in the round and will make the bullet fire. Then the bullet will go straight, and the casing will go in another direction.

Ready to Choose From These Types of Guns?

Now that you learned the common types of guns, you can make an informed decision on which gun to buy for your own needs. Please always make sure you keep safety at the top of your mind especially if you have kids at home to avoid any tragic accidents.

Did our article help you out? Please continue browsing our outdoor section for more guides.

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