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What Are The Achievements And Education Of Roger Pettinggell?

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Who is the number one real estate agent?

Roger Pettinggell is one of the best people and the number one real estate personality in Sarasota. He is also an award-winning real estate agent with thirty years of experience selling luxury homes and offices in Sarasota, Florida. He also sold more properties and is one of Coldwell banker’s top-selling agents; the key to his success is simple. He is always looking for cutting-edge technology in his operations. He also attends the Coldwell banker’s annual event for learning sessions and exclusive networking events. As a result, he has more knowledge and talent in the real estate business and uses more tactics to buy or sell properties. 

What are the achievements of Roger Pettinggell?

Roger Pettinggell has achieved a lot and has reached the highest place in the real estate business. He also has his own company and more groups of people in his place. He is known as the number realtor on longboat and bird keys, relator for all of Sarasota, only one Coldwell Banker agent for all of Florida, and number one in the NRT southeast region. Some organizations also acclaim him as a society of excellent awards in 2013, 2014, and 2016. He is also ranked as one of the top 250 agents in the country by actual trends, as reported in the wall street journal. 

Know more exciting things about Pettinggell:

He grew up with a strong foundation in his college days. Roger Pettinggell entered his college and wanted to be a veterinarian. And the real estate was last in his mind. So instead, he got a double major in biology and chemistry and became a medical doctor. But in his college, he became involved in student government and people-oriented projects that allowed him to get his first taste of marketing and promotion.  

After college, he got a job as a marketing assistant for a resort called the longboard key club. It introduced him to the work of real estate and made him realize he no longer wanted to be in a medical career. A real estate company acquired the longboat key club that later merged with Coldwell banker in 2002. Roger also sold more properties for his customers and earned more money. He also works hard to make all the projects very effective and is one of the trusted agents among everyone living in Sarasota. You can hire them online for more details

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