Use VPS Hosting Australia To Uplift Your Online Business

Hey! are you thinking of expanding your business then why don’t you just make a website for it. Or if you already have a website but still your business is not growing much then maybe it’s time for you to switch to VPS hosting Australia to uplift your business.

When a business owner starts a new business he expects that it will expand further and he will gain profit from it. 

But sometimes it is just stuck somewhere, sometimes because of a limited number of customers, sometimes because he has lots of customers but doesn’t have a good website server to handle much traffic 

A shared server is not bad but it is good only for those who don’t want to grow their business and happy with whatever they have. But you have to move on with life because if you don’t think about your future, your business may be ruined one day. 

VPS hosting Australia is for those who want a bright future for their business. Who are not happy with shared hosting services.

 The Essence Of VPS Hosting Australia

VPS hosting Australia is a web hosting type that is used to host a website online. It gives you a virtual server for your website. you can use all resources of the VPS server Australia. 

Although, you have to share the main physical server with other users. but they all have their personal space on that server as you have as well.

You are the ultimate owner of your Australia VPS Server. So don’t take any tension about any other user who is on that same server.

How VPS Is Better Than others

Shared vs VPS

in shared hosting, you have to share all space and resources of the main server but in a VPS server, you just share a physical server. You have your resources and space in VPS Australia.

Shared hosting is not secure at all. so you can lose the data of your business which you are putting on the internet. Shared hosting is not private as well so your business is always at risk.

Lack of resources can’t handle much traffic so you can’t expect you will get more customers with shared hosting. Because even if you get more customers in shared hosting your main server may crash.

Dedicated vs VPS-

A dedicated server is the actual physical server where all our online data is stored. And when you buy the whole server just to host only your website it is called dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is preferred by app developers, e-commerce websites, and those who have a multi-niche website that is dealing with high traffic of regular visitors.

VPS server is a part of a dedicated server. It gives you an environment of dedicated servers also it performs like a dedicated server. 

VPS server has flexible resources can be used from a new website to a full-grown website. Your website will always get resources as it needs from a VPS server.

Dedicated hosting is a good hosting service but it comes with a very high cost. So you can buy a VPS instead of A dedicated server. With VPS hosting Australia you need to pay less and will get more features.

 Different types of VPS hosting

There are two types of VPS hosting managed and unmanaged


Just like its name, it is a type of VPS hosting where you buy a VPS server and the web hosting provider will do management of that server for you.

If you take managed web hosting, you have to share your business data with the web hosting provider company. That can be a risk if your web hosting provider is not trustworthy.


If you take an unmanaged VPS server then you have to manage all the services of your VPS server. It can be easy if you know server things.

 The most important part is why most people choose unmanaged VPS hosting is Because you don’t have to share any information about your business with anyone and it’s cheaper than managed VPS hosting.

OS Types of VPS Hosting

There are two types of operating system(OS) used in VPS servers, Linux and windows. Here is some gist of those.

  1. Linux VPS hosting –

If you are thinking of buying an unmanaged VPS hosting Australia for you then Linux is a great option for you because it is very easy to work on Linux you don’t have to use commands every time on Linux, you can do most of your work just by using the control panel.

And if we talk about control panels then Linux is compatible with both cPanel and Plesk. You can choose the control panel for your comfort.

  1. Windows VPS hosting –

The interface of windows is very easy and comfortable. Many people have been using windows for a long time. And they are very familiar with its controlling system.

People knew how windows work and that’s why most of the people choose windows OS for their VPS Australia.

If your business website is built on Microsoft software then windows are just like a perfect bride for the groom for you. 

Also if you are using a Website that is made on ASP.NET framework then it needs a Windows VPS for optimal performance.

The disadvantage of Windows OS is that it supports only the Plesk control panel. You can use cPanel on Windows and also it’s more expensive than Linux.

Serverwala ‘s VPS Australia 

Serverwala is a web hosting provider company. and in my research, I found that they are the best VPS  hosting providers.

They have the best VPS Hosting in Australia and also they give you the freedom to choose an operating system to power your comfort. 

They give you a control panel along with an Australia VPS server as well. And you choose a control panel as per your need.

Overall serverwala gives you a VPS server with 99.90% uptime and they also provide you with a cheap VPS server in Australia. 

If you are thinking of hosting your business website on a VPS server. Then you should go with serverwala.


The best VPS hosting in Australia can easily boost up your business and you can host your website on VPS without thinking twice.

Serverwala is the most known web hosting provider so you must check their website for good and cheap VPS servers in Australia.

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