Types of Glasses & Their Benefits

Glasses are the lenses that provide vision to your eye and correct refractive errors. If you are feeling blurry or out of focus, glasses will help you to provide clear vision and improve your eye to see objects.

You have to analyze the correct problems of your eyes and then visit the doctor and take an eye test. This will help you know what you are suffering from, and the doctor will provide you with the prescription. You can take a pair of glasses, giving you a natural and original vision of yours.

Types of Lenses

Prism lenses:- help the vision problem when the eye is not looking in the same direction, and these lenses cause eye disorders such as heterophoria.

Progressive lenses:- These are the lenses that are so much popular in trifocal and bifocal. This lens provides far, middle, and near distance vision without discomfort and transitions.

Toric lenses:- These lenses are beneficial for eye disorders like astigmatism, and these lenses are the type of single vision lens.

Bifocal lenses:- These lenses have a vision dividing line between two, and they are made up of two lenses to get both far and near vision sight.

Single vision lenses:-  They are very beneficial for both far-sightedness and near-sightedness, and they have the same prescription across the glasses.

Trifocal lenses:-  These are the lenses that correct eye disorders such as presbyopia and far and near visions.

Benefits of Lens Coatings

To give high resistance and enhance the performance of the lenses, there are lens coating done on glasses as mentioned below:-

Tint:-  They improve depth of visual perception and increase contrast, which is helpful if you are going outdoors, playing sports, and even while driving.

Scratch resistance:- this makes the glasses lens more durable and scratch less, giving your glasses more life.

Blue light blocking coating on lenses:- Blue light protection coating benefits by reducing blue light from digital screens like mobile phones, computers, and laptops.

UV light protection:- this coating is done on your eyes to protect from sunlight UV-A and UV-B rays, which help protect sensitive areas.

Anti-reflective (AR):- This helps eliminate distraction, and it is done on both sides of the lenses to provide a clear vision. After coating the front and back of the lenses, the light will reflect.

Antifog:- This coating helps the glasses not soak any fog in cold and rainy seasons and provides a clear vision.

Types of Glasses

Two major types of glasses help you to increase eye vision, as mentioned below:-

Glasses for readings: People suffering from presbyopia who can’t read the words of the newspaper but can see objects clearly should use reading glasses. They are single vision lenses, and you can find them at bookstores and lens stores. They are not for people who have right and left eye prescriptions.

Multifocal glasses:-  These are beneficial lenses for people with both eyes with a different prescription, and these help correct two or more visions.

There are many options to go for, as mentioned below:-

  • Trifocal lenses:- These lenses help people face the arm’s distance vision.
  • Progressive lenses:- These lenses are considered the most distorted than others, as this lens has an inclined lens. Although, it looks progressively closer when you look downward. These lenses are distorted because it has more area transitioning between many types of transitions.
  • Computer lenses:– These are specialized lenses that are made for people who used to spend more time on the computer screen. These lenses are a correction and protect the eyes from the rays of the digital screen.
  • Bifocal lenses: These lenses are beneficial for aged people facing near and far vision issues. They help to give a clear vision, and this happens because presbyopia eliminates the ability to see and focus vision.

In today’s time, most glasses are made of plastics, scratch resistant, have high durability, long-lasting build quality, come with ultralight protection, and are sturdier, lightweight, and thinner in shape.

Design of Glasses 

There are plenty of designs that are amazing for everyone. To buy designer glasses online, you need to visit the website, where you can have an ample range of designs.

You can choose as per your color preference and styles, and for selecting the correct size pair, you need to check your face shape and size, which gives you an idea of what frame is suitable for your face shape and which size will fit comfortably on it.

There is the availability of plastic frames, metal frames, and wooden texture frames, which give you an extensive range of quality to choose from whether you are a student of a college or working for an organization and even if you are going for outdoor activities.

Oval, square, aviators, round, wayfarer, and rectangular styles exist. You can choose any one of them as per your choice and wants.

They are available for all age groups, and the most essential and unique part is that you can make any frame design per your prescription.


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