Tips to renew bike insurance online.

Having bike insurance is essential. If you don’t have the right insurance policy, you can never be financially safe in case of an accident. Bike insurance might be very helpful in dealing with situations such as theft and accidents. One of the best policies to go for is the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance. It has everything covered for you and can help you in hard situations regarding your bike. The company also provides special renewal methods. Here in this article, we have mentioned tips two wheeler insurance renewal online

Online is the new way.These days, people don’t have time to visit insurance policy offices and renew their services regularly. Hence online is the best mode out there. With the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance, you can create your profile, linked to all the necessary information regarding your policy. You can get new updates and options to renew your policy over the platform. 

Save your money while renewing the policy online.

We have shared some of the best tips by which you can save huge on your policy during the time of renewal. You must try to follow them to save your money.

  • Clean driving record

You must keep a clean driving record to get extra discounts from your bike insurance policy. With fewer challans and a clean sheet concerning a traffic rules violation, you can easily convince your insurance company that you are less prone to accidents and other such conditions. This might help you get a chance to save your money on bike insurance renewal.

  • Add-ons in case you travel a lot

If you travel on your bike daily, then you must look for an add-on. These days there are different add-on schemes available with numerous bike insurances to make a journey safe. These schemes might include personal accident cover, daily cash allowance and roadside assistance cover. But on the other hand, if you don’t travel a lot, you can stick with the basic insurance policy.

  • Anti-theft and security enhancement 

With the help of security enhancement, you can always get an advantage on saving your premium regarding bike insurance. But to get this rebate, you will have to get a system installed that has been certified by ARAI. With the installation of such devices, you eventually increase the security of your bike. This helps to prevent it from getting stolen easily. Hence the insurance companies give special discounts to the customers who have such installations. 

  • Buy different policies from the same company

This is one of the most used methods to get a discount on your bike insurance. You can buy different policies such as health insurance policy, life insurance and more. This will automatically make you a prime member of the company, and they will give you special discounts on your premium. 

  • Get the festive discounts.

Insurance companies often come with special discounts to attract more customers. Hence, they often also give special festive discounts to their old customers, looking for renewal opportunities. Hence you should always ask your company for such offers. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to claim a bonus. 

  • Know when to file a claim

If you keep claiming your insurance policy for minor damages, then you won’t get a good response on your premium. One must remember the fact that your insurance is there to protect you in case of any mishappening on your vehicle, but using it to get a scratch repaired is not at all worth it. It doesn’t give a good impression on your insurance policy company. 

  • Online policy

While going for a two-wheeler insurance renewal online, there is a high possibility that you will get discounted rates and offers. 

  • Age-related bonus

Numerous big insurance policy companies can help you with discounts and bonuses related to age. If you fall under a certain age group, you can ask your policy company to give a discount on your premium related to your two-wheeler policy. If you are between 32 to 60 years of age, you can easily claim such profits. Even the Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance provides a good discount on your policy premium if you belong to the given age group. 


We have mentioned some tips to renew bike insurance online. The special Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance can be the best policy in the market. It has various options, such as the two-wheeler insurance renewal online. One can always trust and enjoy their services. 

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