Tips To Adding Collagen Powder To Your Diet

There was a time when collagen powder was only used to manufacture a fancy face cream or some pantry staple. However, now, it’s being applied to everywhere. And, amongst them, the inclusion of collagen in a diet plan has become the most prominent one.

But, how do you add them in your eating routine? Do you want to eat something that contains a huge amount of collagen? Or, should you choose a powder product and get done with it?

We shall find out the answer to your question in this article. But, before that, let’s talk about a more fundamental topic and introduce you to collagen – the all-powerful protein.

Collagen – What Is It, Really?

Collagen, in essence, is a structural protein, which helps in improving our bone structure and all. Aside from this, it’s also used by our body to curate the connective tissues.

So, why should you use collagen powder? Well, with aging, you might experience a decline in the quality of your skin tone. Therefore, if you use the aforesaid powder, it’ll help you get the structure back by following these guidelines for including collagen in your diet. Hence, you’ll look much younger than before. Furthermore, it can also improve the health of your bone structure by a mile. And, in case you didn’t know, collagen can also help in building your muscle strength massively. Hence, if you’re a gym rat, you probably wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

How Do You Add Collagen To Your Diet?

You can include collagen in your diet in more than one way from any number of trusted collagen brands. And, all of them are quite doable in our opinion. So, do check them out and tell us what you think.

Way – 1: Mix It With Your Daily Dose Of Coffee.

Whatever your morning beverage choice may be, go ahead and put a little bit of collagen into it. The powder will dissolve pretty quickly. So, you can drink it right away. And, don’t worry about it adding any funky texture or taste in your beverage. Nonetheless, it might change the color of the black tea or coffee a little bit.

Way – 2: Blend It Into Your Morning Smoothie.

A fruit-made smoothie is already quite healthy and wholesome. But, if you want to boost its nutritiousness even more, go ahead and add a little bit of collagen powder in it.

Due to the subtle taste it comes with, the powder will let the core flavor of your smoothie to change a little. And, the whole solution will seem a lot tastier than usual.

Way – 3: Go With Your Yogurt Or Oatmeal.

If you eat oatmeal or yogurt every morning, you can try a little bit of collagen with them too. This should help you improve your energy and maintain blood pressure effectively.

If you want to make the whole thing even better, you can also add a few nuts and berries in it. This will boost the taste even more and make the foot much, much healthier.

Way – 4: Bake It.

It might sound a little weird, but you can also bake the collagen powder you’re trying to take with smoothies and all. Here’s how you can do it. If you want to go the easy way round, put a scoop of powder in water and bake it accordingly. Or, you can also spread it on your breakfast bars or quiche and eat the whole thing. Whatever sails your boat, you know.

Way – 5: Use It In Your Scrambled Eggs.

Apart from everything else, you can also use the powder in your scrambled eggs as well. It’ll stand up quite well against heat. Thus, you can simply stir the whole thing and chug or fry it.

However, make sure not to deep fry whatever you have mixed up. It might affect the taste and take away the healthful benefits the collagen powder comes with.

Ending It On A Healthy Note!

Apart from everything else we have mentioned here, you can also keep collagen at your working place. This way, you’ll get the opportunity to chug it down wherever you want.

Or, taking it to the gym might also be a strong call in your case. This way, you can use it as a pre-workout product and start working out after consuming it.

It’ll work like magic, trust us!

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