Things To DO In Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath Yatra

The land of Lord Shiva is full of other things to visit apart from the famous Kedarnath Temple visit. This beautiful place nestled between the mountains offers several things for tourists and trekkers. As there is not much scope for shopping but you can definitely take some souvenirs as a token of remembrance for this spiritually enlightened space. Let’s unfold the things to do at Kedarnath Trek.

Vasuki Tal

This charming lake is situated in the National Wildlife Sanctuary. It is almost 8 km from Kedarnatha and the nearest from Gauri Kund is 24km. It is believed as per Hindu mythology that Lord Krishna bathed in this lake. That’s why it is named ‘Vasuki Lake’. You can find the rarest flower-like Brahma Kamal nearby this calm and composed lake. From this place, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of peaks of mountains.

Triyuginarayan Temple

Sited at Triyuginarayan Village in Rudraprayag District, this primordial temple is dedicated to the god Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Shiva married Parvati in this temple in the presence of the god Vishnu. This temple bears a resemblance to temple Kedarnath. Also known as ‘Akhand Dhuni’ as in front of the temple a perpetual fire is burning as a symbol of divine marriage. DO visit this very popular temple in Kedarnatha.

Kalimat Almora

Wanted to take some rest in this high altitude place, so this hamlet is the best place. A well-spent day surrounded by a dense forest of pine trees will give you a cozy feeling. So just get relaxed and forget about all worries in day-to-day life and be drenched in the beauty of the Himalayas.

Deoria Tal Trek

This is an amazing backscattering lake that you must include in your journey. It’s an easy trek situated at 8000ft. Early morning one can see images of Chukumbha peak in the crystal clear water of the lake. In winter the beauty of the lake will reach the top, as it will get frozen and surrounded by ice. It’s a weekend trek and along with this, there are many other places to visit. Like, Bisuri Tal, Chopta.

Chopta Trek

They call it as mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand as the place has lush green beauty which is surrounded by mountains. This place is still unfathomed, so this untouched beauty is going to be a treat for you. In the morning this secluded place has sunkissed mornings with a soothing breeze. A perfect destination for a hillside experience. 

Chorabai Tal Trek

The nearest destination is Kedarnath at just 3km from Kedarnath Temple.

Also called Gandhi Lake. In 1948 some of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed in this lake that’s why it was named after him. Also, the water in Chorabari Tal came from the Chorabari glacier. You will get a magnificent view of the Himalayas from this place. Uneven weather at this place suggested that you visit this site early in the morning to have the best view.

Mayali Pass Trek

The hidden gem you will find during Kedarnath Trek is this Mayali Pass trek. Quite a high level of difficulty but a real challenge for adventures and trekkers.

Mayali pass is a real experience of a medley of mountains and glaciers. Be ready to get an arcadian experience while doing this trek.


This sparkling beauty in Uttarakhand is a sure-shot visit to the Kedarnatha trek. It falls under the Rudraprayag district and is situated at 1829ft. The famous Triyugnarayanan temple is quite nearby from here. It’s a meeting point for the rivers Mandakini and Basuki. This merging water of rivers a has religious belief of sacred water.  Snow-filled mountains and crystal clear flowing water together make a tremendous tranquil atmosphere here. 

Apart from these sumptuous treks, many religious temples are there to keep your morale high, in this rasping weather. Everyone once in a lifetime must explore this stunning beauty of the Himalayas. If your an Indian and you haven’t explored Kedarnatha yet, then you must think of this trek. In this trek, you will get a mixed bag of experience from spirituality to an adrenalized rush. As you go on to explore you will find many other hidden places to visit.

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