The Landwatch Chronicles: A History of the World’s Most Powerful Tracker of Wild Land and Water

In 1969, the International Wetlands Commission (IWIC) was formed to protect wetlands around the world. At that time, wildlands were considered a forum for discussion, research and management. Over the years, IWIC has worked to develop a global Wild Land Monitoring program to track land and water resources. The Landwatch Chronicles is an account of this history.

The Landwatch Chronicles is a history of the world’s most powerful tracker of wild land and water. The project began in 1969 with the creation of the International Wildlands Oversight Commission (IWOC). IWOC is the predecessor to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Landwatch Chronicles is a series of reports and books that document the effects of human activity on wild land and water.

In 1859, a young man named Alfred Wegener first conceived the idea of tracking land and water on a large scale. He believed that the world was round, and that everything needed to be studied in order to prove it. Wegener’s work led to the invention of modern navigation and mapping, and eventually helped make the world a safer place.

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Wild Places: The Final Frontier of Water and Landwatch

Water and landwatch are two of the most important aspects of Earth’s ecosystem. Water provides life and sustenance, while land provides us with clean air, fertile ground, and a place to resolve conflicts. With the help of satellites and other technology, we are able to monitor the water and land systems in an ever-growing number of places around the world. The world is becoming increasingly water-scarce, and it is important that we continue to protect these resources.

The final frontier of water and landwatch is to save the planet from an impending water crisis. Water is the lifeblood of most civilizations, but it is also a key component of climate change. As the world’s population grows and more people move to cities, the traditional water sources for cities become increasingly difficult to find and manage.

Water management is one of the most important issues facing our planet today.

Water and landWATCH, the world’s first water and landwatch program, is providing users with insights into how water affects land and air quality around the world. The project has lately shifted its focus to Southwest Asia, where an increasing population and rapidly growing industry is placing pressure on both water resources and air quality.


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