The Complete Guide to Home Ammo Storage: Everything to Know

Did you know that 30% of adults in the United States say that they personally own a gun? If you own a gun, you likely have a lot of ammo lying around.

However, if you want to keep your ammo secure, you need to find the right place to put it. Keep reading to learn the best tips for home ammo storage.

Stay Organized

Without organization, you won’t be able to store your ammo at home properly. If you have different types of ammo, this step will be especially important.

If your ammo is scattered everywhere, you won’t have enough time to prepare if a life and death situation were to occur. Choosing the wrong type of ammo could render it useless in an emergency.

The best way to stay organized is to store ammo in its original boxes. Boxes provide appropriate home ammo storage. It makes things easier to sort out when you store ammo in its labeled packaging.

Dumping ammo in a different container than the one it came in can bang up the bullets.

Once fired brass is often used as military ammo. Military ammo sometimes comes in cans that are designed for long-term storage. If you don’t use your ammo for a long time, it will still stay safe.

Military-style storage cans are typically designed for outdoor storage. You can keep them in your garage if you don’t have enough space in your home. Cans preserve ammo during downpours, extreme heat, and other weather conditions.

Choose the Right Location

In your home, you might have different ammo storage options to choose from. The right location will make ammo last longer. To protect ammo, choose a cool, dark, and dry place.

Unless you have military-style storage cans, avoid garages and attics for ammo storage. These areas are prone to temperature fluctuations that can corrode ammo.

Basements can protect ammo from temperature changes, but this area is exposed to a lot of moisture, another ammo enemy. Exposing your ammo to moisture will cause rust over time and become useless.

The best location for ammo storage is a cabinet or closet. These places experience fewer temperature changes. Plus, your ammo will be within reach when you need it.

Consider Security

Boxes for ammo are great for storage purposes, but they aren’t the most secure when you have children around. Boxes are easy to get into. When choosing a spot for your ammo, make sure it’s out of reach of children.

Along with children, any person besides you should not have access to your ammo. Anyone should get your permission before using your ammo.

Using a lock and key can keep your ammo secure, but make sure this option isn’t too difficult to unlock when there is an emergency.

Keep Temperature in Mind

Ammo storage temperature is a key factor in your storage options. As we’ve stated before, extreme temperatures can negatively impact your ammo.

Extremely hot or cold temperatures will affect the nitrocellulose in your gunpowder over time. High temperatures cause the nitrocellulose in your ammo to form a gas. The gas can then seep out of the cartridge.

Freezing temperatures won’t cause severe effects that occur when ammo is exposed to high temperatures. Although it won’t lead to loss of gunpowder, it can interfere with ballistic bullet performance.

Store your ammo in a room temperature space. If you own a large amount of ammo, use storage containers. The three conditions perfect for ammo storage are:

  • Dry places
  • Cool places
  • Dark places

If your cabinets and closets fit all three of these descriptions, they will be prime places for your ammo.

Accessible Storage Areas

One of the most important considerations to make about home ammo storage is whether or not the area you choose is easily accessible. Usage is always more important than storage.

The tricky part is finding a place where you can gain access while also preventing outsiders from being able to get a hold of it.

Gun cabinets and safes are great options for ammo storage. This prevents any mishaps from occurring at home. It also provides a safe, dry, cool, and dark place for keeping ammo safe.

Home Ammo Storage Supplies

If you don’t have boxes or containers, there are other methods that can help with home ammo storage. You can find a lot of these supplies at a local store near you.

Here are some of your options:

Waterproof Ziploc Bag

Organizing storage for ammo can be as simple as buying waterproof Ziploc bags from the grocery store. You can write on these bags to better organize your ammo.

Bags that are waterproof can protect your products from moisture.


Even if you plan to store your ammo for a short amount of time, you should always store it with a desiccant. Every container or bag with ammo in it needs a couple of packages of desiccant to keep the content inside safe.

This substance can help reduce condensation and moisture chemically. You can avoid moisture attacking your storage area this way.

Silica Gel

Silica gels, like desiccants, are the perfect product for absorbing moisture. You can drop silica gel in your containers to preserve ammo shelf life.

Purchase packages of silica gel online for a cheap way to keep your ammo safe and moisture-free.

Pull Cart

If you have boxes on boxes of ammo, lifting them gets complicated. To make the work easier, buy a pull cart.

Pull carts or wheeled beds are helpful if you need to continuously move heavy ammo boxes from point A to point B.

A great cart comes equipped with a pole or extension to help you raise the boxes.

Where Will You Store Your Ammo?

You know that leaving your ammo out for anyone to get their hands on is a mistake. But what is the best area for home ammo storage?

Consider accessible areas that are dry, cool, and dark for best results. Use this guide for helpful tips and supplies.

Lastly, don’t forget to come back for more informative articles like this on our blog!

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