The 4 big benefits of the modern ceramic heater

If it’s electricity that has always kept your personal and business spaces cosy, that’s because it continues to be a reliable, affordable and ever-increasingly efficient way to drive away the chill.  But while the big winners have always been cheap-and-fast electric fan heaters and ultra-reliable traditional radiant heaters, there is a newer next-generation range of ceramic heaters that are definitely worth a closer look.

Actually, a modern ceramic heater is really in the space heater category – which is certainly nothing new.  But the keyword there is the word ‘space’, which puts these types of heaters in direct contrast to more significant ‘whole building’ solutions.  A space heater is therefore basically any technology that is self-contained, with the goal of quickly heating up a room or two, or supplementing the more comprehensive heating solution.

And while modern ceramic heaters are most definitely ‘new’, with the latest generation vastly superior compared to the original offerings that started emerging towards the end of the 80s, ceramic has been a source of heat for centuries – and was often built into castles for that very reason.  That’s because when you heat a ceramic cup, the strong ceramic bonds and light atoms allow for high-frequency vibrations – heat energy – with extremely low lattice disturbance.  In layman’s terms, that means the capacity for a lot of heat absorption and retention with very high resistance to melting.

Today’s offerings build the ceramic into the actual heating coils and plates, providing a clear alternative to those looking at traditional electric heater options or even fuel-burning technologies and balking at the incredible rise in oil, electricity and gas prices.

Let’s make the case for the modern ceramic electric heater:

  1. It’s portable

Like most other space heaters, they’re light and portable enough to easily move around, so long as they have a little room around each location for reasons of ventilation and air circulation.

  1. It heats up a bigger space

Unlike some space heaters, a ceramic heater can be effective even in a larger space, producing a more evenly distributed heating effect in these situations whilst consuming less energy.  Just make sure the ceramic heater for a larger space includes a fan to push that warm air out further.

  1. It’s safe

While you definitely don’t want to touch a radiant heater’s element, the ceramic heater is much, much cooler to the touch – and therefore safer both in terms of user injury but also fire.

  1. The heat is ‘clean’

We all know that fuel-burning heaters involve some unavoidable fumes and odours, and at the extreme end of that is the ‘clean’ heat produced by the ceramic heater.  It makes them perfect for more sensitive spaces and industries, such as medicine and health.

Whether the space heater you ultimately choose is in the radiant, convection or combination-technology categories, the most important thing is that you get the effect you’re chasing paired with the ideal cost-effectiveness.  It will therefore be crucial to consider the size and nature of the space, your utility options and associated costs, the way you intend to use your electric heater and – of course – the ticket price.  If you’ve got any questions about ceramic heaters or any of the other electric heater options in today’s incredibly diverse range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our product experts.

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