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Strategies To Get Started In Freelance Writing And launching A Blog Writing Company


Are you a dedicated writer, have been working in this field for years, and now finally want to start an organization that will be aimed to provide professional content writing services to other businesses and individuals?

Well to make this dream come true, there are some steps you have to go through before creating a final business plan. Besides, there already exist many companies that are working in this field and serving people with unequaled services. This means you are going to be another contestant and require strenuous effort to stand out and offer the most appealing services to the clients among the enormous number of blog writing companies.            

Choose a niche

It’s okay to start with only one or two niches of writing but to grow at a good pace, it is needed to learn about other areas as well. This goes when you are working as an independent freelance writer. If you find yourself gained enough skills to proceed and make progress, study about other writing categories and develop skill sets. Freelance writers generally start with simply blogging or article writing, creating social media posts, writing online or print ad copies.  

But this is far from being enough. To be called a professional, it is necessary to have a honed ability to write about every niche.   


In addition to this, to build a whole empire in an accomplished Content Writing market, one must have a good number of capable writers on board.  Find out some interesting and most common content writing types in the following.

  • Blog Writing – Writing about monotonous topics in a catchy way to buy readers’ interest.     
  • Ad Copies – Short texts written to promote brands or services through advertisements thereby increasing sales. It is done to let people know more about a specific brand.    
  • Social Media Posts – Content to increase social interactions among the social platform users. It is intended to be productive instead of being cringy or mediocre stuff.    
  • Technical Writing – Involves writing about the topics that require in-depth information for the readers to understand. For instance, writing about highly sophisticated systems, machines, or maybe guides, user manuals, etc.  
  • Ghost Writing – Writing on behalf of others without getting the credit.
  • Writer for long-form material – Content that comprises of word count in between 1k to 10k. It may include novels, short stories, plays, research papers, etc.    
  • Scripts – This niche belongs to the multimedia industry. Writing scripts for TV series, movies, short films, etc.     
  • Brand Journalism – Stories regarding in-house brand structures to captivate clients’ attention.     
  • Writer of advertisements and promos – Designing written promotional campaigns. It requires core knowledge about industry and marketing.  

Design a Business Plan

Having a definite business plan reflects how organized and determined you are about growth and development. It assists to have a clear objective and vision. Even if you’re going to launch a business on a small scale, it needs to have a sound business plan that includes the following:

  1. Employees – Figure out how many members must be there in your workforce initially.  
  2. Online Representation – Creating a flamboyant website with all the key pages.
  3. Watch Your Competitors – Analyze who is competing you in the market with the same genre of services.  
  4. Target Customers – Ascertain your target clients to whom you have planned to sell your products.   
  5. Products and Services – Define the credibility of your offerings to have a clear understanding of what niches you have to focus on.   

Brainstorm A catchy  Name for your Writing  Company

Garner your friends or business partners (if any) over a dinner table and have a brainstorming session with them. Try to come up with a catchy yet simple brand name.

You would never want people to forget your business name periodically. So, forget about choosing a highly difficult name to try to be unique. People tend to quickly memorize uncomplicated names easily so, be as simple as you can.              

Put Efforts into Marketing your Brand

After all, marketing is the most important task to accomplish. A properly functioning website, flyers, business cards, and other promotional products play a vital role to let people know about your brand and its objectives.

Big organizations allot big budgets for this reason. Well, it does not mean that you have to do the same. Instead, taking part in events like exhibitions, seminars, etc. is quite beneficial to get your brand introduced to the people. Possibly, paving the way for you to secure your initial projects.               

Business Stature

Reputation building must not be overlooked. Providing extraordinary services at a reasonable price counts a lot. Keeping the clients updated about their project, providing after-sales services, in-time submissions, etc. all are the tactics to be recognized by the customers.

Services represent your work ethic and make the clients get back to you whenever they want to enjoy the same level of respect.    

Consider the big picture

Confining your business to just one region shows a very static approach. Be dynamic and don’t just limit yourself. Besides, it is a golden opportunity, to reach out to clients that are not dealt with by your competitors. Surprisingly, many people in different parts of the world look for professional content writers with premium quality work, attractive offers, and free-of-cost reviews.

For this, you must have a competent sales and marketing team who are able enough to secure projects and hand them over to your writers. Also, appointing skilled and receptive writers is a must since they will be responsible for the quality and standard of their work.

Customer satisfaction must also be given priority. So stop waiting and go grab your share.   


Running any sort of business has many challenges. Clients often want you to write about the themes that you haven’t even heard about before. But sometimes your writers have to carry out detailed research and then put it into words.

Only dedication and perseverance will lead to success.

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