Sports transmission effect

Use technical solutions such as the “Instant Replay”, “Eagle Eye” or “VAR” video arbitration system itself, as well as video simulation systems. This is about promoting the World Cup. Russia is an example of fast technology and has a high level of adoption. This will go a long way in eliminating the fear of improvement in the use of technology in sports competitions.

From a global audience perspective

 With the advent of the media (especially television), the proliferation of games on the use of beverages has increased dramatically. This was largely due to the high resolution design. In this sense, with the advent of 8K television, sporting events can be broadcast at high resolution visible to the human eye. One of the new features that indicates the future use of television.

So integrate 3D effects in the game media

It gives viewers access to rich content that enhances the experience of watching sporting events from the living room. And in the next few years we will see that augmented reality, augmented reality and holographic real world allow us to create more fun interiors until serious problems arise between so – called buildings. The way to keep the stadium alive is of interest.

So, sports organizations are working on solutions

It aims to enhance the fan experience entering the stadium by combining various technologies such as LED lighting (essential for 3D broadcasting). Projects allow the development of videotapes or imaginative techniques to predict the audience by exploring the availability of integrated solutions that encourage mobile usage and all the information and data generated at 해외축구중계사이트 events.

Therefore, we witness an important moment in anticipation of the emergence of various art forms that will completely change the way we see and enjoy games. Just as the advent of smartphones was a milestone in the evolution of mobile phones, mobile phones are in the process of developing a new era of “Eureka time” that was represented and soon understood by everyone in the world. you are doing it. And he thought he was about to score in the back. The gaming industry is the basis for the next “Eureka Moment”

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