Some tips to stop the flickering of LED lights 

LED lights are 50 to 90 percent more energy-efficient than incandescent or halogen bulbs, CFLs, and fluorescent tube lights. If these lights work properly, they can save as much as an additional five percent energy over CFLs. As with other types of fluorescent lights, LED lights can sometimes flicker when electrical circuits are overloaded, when the power supply has issues or when the lights are faulty. Lights that flicker increase eye strain and headaches.

LED lights are designed to work with a variety of different fixture types. One of the main benefits of LED lighting is that they don’t flicker, unlike fluorescent lights. However, if your LED bulb is flickering, chances are the problem lies within the light fixture itself. The problem arises when an LED lamp is installed in a fixture with a dimmer switch. Dimming the light below 25 percent of its maximum output reduces the power supplied to the light source, which can make the LEDs flicker.   

If you have switched to LED bulbs but noticed flickering in some of your lights, here are some ways to fix this: 

LED lights flicker if they have a poor quality driver. You can easily fix this by replacing the driver with a high-quality one. The other two ways to fix this problem are, you can either change your power source, or you can change the bulb itself.

If your LED light is constantly flickering, check the following four things. First, make sure your wall dimmer switch is compatible. Second, make sure it’s properly set up, take a look at the manufacturer’s setup guide for proper fixing. Third, check whether all fixtures are on one circuit breaker. Finally, investigate whether there are external sources of interference such as a fridge or television nearby.

LED light flickering is usually a problem caused by incompatible technology in electronic drivers, the LED bulb or light fixture, or a mismatch in the other components of the circuit. For example, if you have spotlights installed and upgrade to an LED bulb that has a high lumen output, they may flicker as they are unable to support the power flow.

It is important to check the quality of your LED lights as that can affect their performance. Poor-quality lights can flicker or create a strobe effect, which can cause serious eye damage. Consider installing a Clipsal LED dimmer, switch instead of a traditional dimmer switch. When you adjust the brightness of LED bulbs traditionally, it sends short pulses of electricity, which results in flickering. Smart switches can control the timing of these pulses and regulate them to provide constant power.

C2025 Clipsal is designed to improve the functioning of LED lights which are regulated by dimmers. This is highly advantageous in power system installations and wiring arrangements. C2025 Clipsal has a 20mm wide jaw which allows cable insertion with ease and is designed to hold securely. It can grip cables up to 25mm in diameter. Panel mounting holes are provided for fixing the clips onto the backboard in case of panel mounting application. 

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