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Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager? We were all obsessed with collecting CDs of our favorite cartoons, movies, and documentaries when we were younger. Of course, buying CDs is still a common practice.

Our store is a CD and DVD printing wholesaler on the internet. Custom printed CD jackets are used to protect CDs. They protect against any kind of crack or breakage. We can provide you with high-quality CD and DVD jacket printing. We have a number of designs to match the appearance of your CD. You can also get printing services tailored to your specific needs. All you have to do now is design your CD cover, and we’ll do the rest. We can also make beautiful sleeves for your Custom Printed CD Jackets. CD jackets with six panels, for example, are available in a variety of sizes.

  • CD sleeves with four panels
  • CD sleeves with two panels


SirePrinting is committed to offering the best Custom Printed CD Jackets on the market. CDs can also be used to store important documents, and if you have a jacket, you can write numbers or important notes on it for future reference. In Pakistan, look for low-cost CD jacket printing.

Get the Best Quality CD Sleeve with Exceptional High Precision Printing at Incredibly Low Prices.

Customizing a CD sleeve to your specifications improves disc protection. SirePrinting’s CD sleeve ordering process is extremely simple. We only need a few basic requirements to get started. Simply tell us what text and size you want on your beautiful Custom Printed CD Jackets. Our talented designers are always eager to create a unique and eye-catching CD sleeve. Right now, pick up the phone and dial (410) 834-9965.

CD Sleeves for Musicians, Business Owners, and Others

CD Jackets are visually appealing, inventive, and custom printed to protect your CDs and DVDs. Cardboard packaging protects your discs from nicks and scratches while also allowing you to identify what’s on them. Personalized CD sleeves can be used for a variety of purposes such as business, promotions, music, and personal use. Make a statement with originality and uniqueness instead of putting your CDs in generic paper sleeves. They’re uninteresting, uninspiring, and fail to connect on any level with your customers or audience.

Furthermore, they give the impression that your CDs are unprofessional and amateurish. Nobody cares if your CDs were handcrafted or professionally manufactured. Custom Printed CD Jackets will give you the polished and elevated appearance you desire. Make your discs stand out from the crowd by adding your own branding and information. You can personalize and protect your promotional business tools with custom CD packaging.

You’ve spent a significant amount of time and money creating your custom CDs or DVDs, and you want to ensure that they remain in excellent condition until they reach the hands of your customers and beyond. CD jackets with custom printing protect your discs while also advertising your company on the front cover. Additional information, such as the disc’s contents and your contact information, can be included in your paper CD sleeve. If you have a variety of CDs, a descriptive cover is almost always required to distinguish them from one another and make it easier for your customers to find the information they need.

The Most Effective Way to Promote Your Band

If you’re just trying to get the word out about your brand, best singles, or upcoming stand-up show, a Custom CD Jackets sleeve will help you stand out with professional quality and a great design.

Making your own CDs for business or personal use is a great way to disseminate a wealth of information about yourself, your brand, or your products and services in a small, portable, and mailable package. Avoiding the use of bulky jewel cases when mailing CDs to customers can save you a lot of money on postage.

However, you will need to protect them during shipping, so a flat, lightweight paper cd sleeve is ideal. Instead of a costly padded envelope with sleeve packaging, you can send your CDs in a flat envelope.

They’re also small enough to fit into the pocket of a suit jacket, a purse, or a binder if you’re giving them out to customers visiting your office, attending a trade show, or traveling. Your personalized CD jacket will protect them from anything else they come into contact with.

CDs and DVDs can hold a large amount of data, such as text, images, and video.

Because you aren’t limited by space, you can go into greater detail about the products and services you provide. You can include videos that show how to use your product, as well as a plethora of images and descriptions about everything you do. By using custom CD sleeve printing, you can complete the look of your project with packaging that is unique to your company.

If your company is heavily reliant on previous work, such as photography, landscaping, or interior design, a CD is the best way to present it. Include a before and after photo if possible to show how your work compares to what was previously there.

From creating a wedding playlist for your guests to enjoy after the wedding to fun albums commemorating the annual family reunion, custom cds are a great way to remember a special occasion for personal use. Custom cd sleeves further personalize your gift, making it truly unique.

Our Custom Printed CD Jackets measure 5″ x 5″ when finished. A thumb cut into the open edge allows you to easily access your disc.

CD Sleeve Printing offers seven different paper types for printing CD sleeves, including coated, uncoated, and linen (great for that wedding playlist, a retro band, or that upscale presentation). Then, select either a standard or high-gloss UV coating.

Minimums begin at 100, and you can easily design your own CD packaging using our simple CD sleeve template, after which you’ll receive an instant online proof to review.

It’s easy to get started, and our quick turnaround times guarantee that you’ll have your high-quality, professionally printed materials in no time. In no time, you’ll have custom printed CD jackets. A matching CD label, also available from, will give your promotional tool some personality. Sleeves and labels that match the look of your promotional package. Paper cd sleeves protect your discs while also allowing you to personalize your design with your company’s branding or a personal touch.

Call our friendly printing experts at (410) 834-9965 today to get started or if you have any questions. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way we can.

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