Best Senior Secondary School in Jaipur for Science, Commerce, and Arts stream

Senior secondary classes are like stepping stones to building or entering career paths for students. Science, commerce, and arts are the primary fields or broad categories into which the curriculum is divided. Students can take any stream they like; however, they should make the best decision. Similarly, choosing the right school is shaping these two essential years of schooling. 

If you are still finding the Best Senior Secondary School in Jaipur, then after knowing about VSI International School, you won’t have to look anywhere. It is the best co-ed and English medium school in Jaipur for Class 11th and 12th. This school is affiliated with RBSE and maintains an ideal student-teacher ratio of 20:1.

Best Senior Secondary School in Jaipur for Science, Commerce, and Arts stream

Curriculum for Senior Secondary Classes (RBSE Streams)

Students studying in VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur can choose any streams under RBSE Curriculum.

Rajasthan Board of Education has four fields/streams for senior secondary classes: Science, Commerce, Arts, and Agriculture. While the former three are very common, and a more preferred choice amongst students.

Biology, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer, Science, Information Practice, Multimedia, and Web technology

Multimedia & Web Technology,Maths, English Shorthand and English Typing, Business Studies. Economics, Computer Science, Information Practice, Hindi Shorthand, and Hindi Typing, AccountancyPhilosophy, Drawing, Music, Literature-Hindi, Urdu, Punjab, Prakrit, Sindhi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, and Persian, English Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Informatics Practice, Multimedia, and Web technology, Public Administration, Economics, Sanskrit Literature, History, Political Science, Geography, Home ScienceComputer Science, Information Practice, Multimedia, and Web Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, Mathematics, Biology

Infrastructure Facilities

  1. Smart Classrooms: The smart classrooms at VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur are equipped with smart screens and computers. The audiovisual features of this technology-enhanced and specialized software improve students’ responses and help them understand concepts clearly. They can remember important points through visuals. Many topics are also programmed or designed in a storytelling method, even in subjects like Accountancy and Economics. Like the process of anything or benefits explained with story-type examples. The teachers can also use interactive whiteboards, which are far better than regular whiteboards or blackboards in other schools.
  1. Science Labs: These lab facilities enable a better learning environment for students. Science students can see practically how chemical equations are made, or elements react, how human beings function, or how current flows in electrical equipment.
Senior Secondary School in Jaipur Infrastructure Facilities
  1. Computer Labs: The computer labs at VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur have the latest computer systems with advanced software. Students can learn and practice new tools, create innovation programs. 
  1. Library: This is not just a place full of books but a place where students can explore and dive deeper into the pool of information on concepts that interest them. The school library has a vast collection of academic and non-academic books. The library has purchased newspapers and magazines subscriptions, so students can inculcate the habit of reading current affairs.
  1. Sports Area: The sports area at this school has a good amount of space for students, where they can play many sports. The school has hired trainers and coaches who direct students on how to play sports games. VSI International School motivates students to learn self-defense skills through Judo & Karate.
  1. Conveyance: The school has a bus facility for students who live far away from the school or if the parents of any students can’t pick and drop their child from school daily. The bus facility is entirely safe to travel to for your children. There are GPRS systems in all the buses, and the school first verifies the bus drivers and conductors before hiring.

Give your child the best infrastructure that supports quality education!

Activities Corner of VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur

Activities Corner of VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur

The school organizes various activities for the senior classes frequently. Students enjoy it and participate in all the activities that interest them. 

Sports competitions are frequently held at VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur. Students participate in many inter-class level competitions, inter-school level competitions, inter-state, and national level competitions.

Students attend regular Dance, Music, Theatre, Art and Craft classes and other creative workshops held at the school.

Camps and outings are planned at least once in a year to provide a much-needed mini-vacation to children.

Competitions and cultural functions on festival occasions are organized. The annual function takes place every year. Mostly the students themselves plan and prepare for such events, which also teaches them event management and team coordination skills.

Quiz and debates are occasionally organized as well. VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur also presents students with opportunities to attend academic workshops, seminars, and conferences to build their experience and network.

Career Path for Senior Secondary students of VSI International School

Career Path for Senior Secondary School in Jaipur students of VSI International School

Class 11th and 12th students who study and pass out from VSI International School have good practical knowledge and experience on their chosen subjects and streams. With the exposure provided at this school, they are likely to have a better chance of excelling in their future paths amongst this growing competitive industry in India and abroad.

The teachers at VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur help students grow and learn better in their academics and guide them in choosing an ideal career path for themselves. The teacher helps the students plan for future courses. 

Make your child future-ready with VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur.

Admissions Open for 2020-21 Session

The admissions are open at the Best School in Jaipur– VSI International School in Jaipur. Enroll today. Follow these simple steps:  

  1. Get the registration form from the school.
  2. Fill all the details, submit it with three passport-sized photographs, and one photocopy of the birth certificate attested by a gazetted officer. 

Note: The school is currently organizing Online Classes for Senior Secondary students.

For complete details and any other queries, contact the school authorities. The contact details are shared below.

Contact Details

VSI International Senior Secondary School in Jaipur

Address: Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Contact Numbers: 0141-2793080 and 9309305656



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