Rose Offers The Highest Vibrational Frequencies Of Any Essential Oil

Roses belong to the botanical family of roses. I have a lot of roses now, but did you notice that the roses you bought today don’t smell? This is because they are bred for beauty and endurance and do not produce any essential oils. In fact, only two roses produce high-quality essential oils. The Damask Rose (Rosa damascena) is a rose that has been distilled to obtain the finest oil since the 16th century. That’s what Hildegard von Bingen said in the 12th century.

“Roses are enhanced by adding potions, ointments, or other medicines.”

We know that this oil delivers the highest frequencies or vibrations and when added to other oil blends, this blend increases the overall healing vibration. The Arabic doctor Avicenna studied the healing properties of roses in detail and wrote an entire book on the subject. He was probably the first person to actually distill rose oil. The rose water available is made using the enfleurage process, in which the extract is obtained by pressing the leaves with vegetable oil.

Traditionally, rose oil and rose water have been used in skin care for thousands of years. Evidence of its use can be found in ancient Egypt, Persia, India, Greece and Rome. Rose has picked up other healings of body and soul. This flower, used for centuries especially by women, was called “queen of flowers” by the Greeks. The Virgin Mary is referred to in mystical hair oil traditions as “Rose”, “Mystical Rose”, “Queen of the Most Holy Rose Garden” and “Holy Rose”. They are all images of Mary, Queen of heaven and earth.

How can real rose oil help us today?

Rose oil is an excellent treatment for skin conditions like scars and wrinkles. It has a cleansing and toning effect on the uterus and helps with the symptoms of menopause. It is also used to treat infertility and poor circulation in women and to increase sperm count in men. There is a sense of security, spiritual harmony, balance and revitalization. It is oil for the spirit and keeps the emotional center open. It reduces depression and anger, relieves sadness and gives harmony and relief. The rose vibrates and energizes with universal and unconditional love. It relieves the pain of the soul, gives harmony and relief. Soft but intoxicating. Use roses for emotional healing to promote contentment, commitment, inner vision, happiness, inner freedom, acceptance, honesty, patience, love, sensuality and purity.

This oil can be applied to the body or applied topically. Each energy center can be oiled or used in the hands of a healer and used to balance and cleanse energy as it travels through the energy field. For safety reasons, rose oil is non-toxic and does not irritate or sensitize. Would you like to learn more about the healing properties of roses and other essential oils? Consider becoming a certified aromatherapist. The Healing Energy and Aromatherapy training course can help you understand how essential oils heal the body/mind/spirit. The Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy offers classes on essential oils, including rose oil, in the United States.

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