Any illness whether it causes less or more pain, still somehow makes us feel uncomfortable and uneasy. This might result in inactivity and affect our bodies. A dry cough makes our body feel restless due to repeated coughs. It is mainly caused by an itchy feeling in the throat which might get a result of a cold or flu. There are different types of coughs and among them, dry cough is the one that doesn’t produce thick mucus. So, this article mainly focuses on the different remedies to get rid of dry cough alongside its causes, symptoms, and other related treatments. The following are some remedies that we can perform easily at our home to prevent dry coughing.

Warm water: At the time of having a dry cough, we should always drink warm water rather than cold water. It eases the pain in the throat and staying hydrated is very necessary.

Ginger: We find ginger in many food items and we can consume it if we’re having trouble with our throat or a dry cough. It has healing power with its natural richness. It can be boiled with water and drunk.

Turmeric: It reduces inflammation in the throat and helps in reducing cough.

Wearing warm clothes: As we know that dry cough also results from flu or cold, so it’s always better to stay warm and less expose our body to cold. We should stay indoors as much as possible. We can wrap our necks with mufflers or with warm clothing to prevent cold. In such a way, it somewhat reduces dry coughing.

Azwan seed: Unlike the other ways, we can have this seed crushed down into fine powders and can mix it with honey, and drink it for the best result.

Nasal spray: We can try using a nasal spray if the cough is due to allergies.

Avoid sweets: It’s better not to have any sweet candies or other sweets if we have a dry cough because it can enhance the level of coughing.

Viral infection, allergies, and other infections or diseases can lead to dry cough. The symptoms of dry cough are sneezing watery eyes and nasal congestion. In addition to all these remedies, we can choose a syrup i.e. Torex (khans-Syrup) designed with Ammonium Chloride which is expectant that thins the mucus. There’s a different range of products on the torex website that help us prevent dry cough effectively in a short period. So, dry cough syrup is also recommended to prevent coughing. Moreover, a hot shower or bath eases coughing and helps thin out our mucus.

A dry cough is often temporary and it rarely causes any concern. But a chronic dry cough can become serious i.e., the cough lasts for more than a week. So, it’s necessary to consult a doctor or healthcare provider to seek proper treatment. We should not delay it because it might result in the severity and frequency of a dry cough. Therefore, we must take up important actions as soon as possible.  Hence, using khasi syrup is a good idea.

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