Reasons To Switch To Plastic Marketing Mailers

Postcard mailing involves sending promotional materials to the client’s home via postal services. Plastic marketing mailers have unique creative designs with different looks and feel. Below are various reasons to switch to plastic cards to get the most from direct mailer campaigns.

They Are Durable And Waterproof

Plastic cards are not easily damaged and can survive the harshest mailing and shipping processes. Business owners who source mass-marketing cards from abroad experience minimal shipping damage fees. High-quality plastic postcards withstand wear and tear to ensure business messages arrive intact. Information is sent to target clients in excellent conditions, which cuts the redesigning of info costs due to traveling barriers.

Grabs Attention

Professional companies do full-color digital printing and ensure that the content is well structured. Information including feature description, location, discounts, special offers, and contact information is presented in an eye-catching way.

laminated postcard with translucent design attributes allows the colors to pop out, making it easily recognizable. Plastic mailers and cards have a more attractive and vibrant look which customers find appealing.


Several templates have been developed to suit marketing objectives and capture all businesses’ essence. Various designs extend the life of offered services by extending the expiration date. The designing process of plastic postcards includes using variable data printing, selecting the perfect size, image research, colors, concise formats, and a clear call to action.


These postcards provide a one-of-a-kind feel and unique attributes that make a brand outstanding, which leads to a higher retention percentage. Customization is pocket friendly and has unlimited variations to ensure that the printed message drives response rates to increase sales.

People Have A Hard Time Throwing Them Away

People retain postcards, especially those with a luxurious feel and beautiful look. Unique, different designs and textured feel make it hard for such cards to be thrown away, saving more time for mailers and increasing sales inquiries.

The above-highlighted postcard features are a crucial recipe for direct mail marketing success. Essential and uncountable benefits are realized for small and large businesses

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