Reasons behind using a Laboratory Desiccator

It is a necessity to equip your lab with all sorts of laboratory instruments and devices in order to have maximum performance and efficiency in your field of interest. Along with the basic equipment such as an incubator, laminar airflow (LAF), glove boxes and storage boxes, and so on, a desiccator should also be considered because of its high impact in any laboratory work. You cannot avoid the importance of using laboratory desiccators at any cost because from drying small samples to larger ones, a desiccator will take care of all.

However, in order to utilize it to its maximum potential, you should know “what are the benefits” of using it. This will help you gain more information about one of the principal lab equipment and also enable you to use it to its truest potential. In case you found the introduction relevant, you should stick till the end to learn about some interesting benefits of using a laboratory desiccator.

It is impressively durable:

Even though plastic desiccators are available in the market and often bought by many lab specialists, one should always invest in more durable and corrosion-resistant variants which are the acrylic and stainless-steel ones. You can at least use them for 7 years without worrying about their performance. Such kinds of desiccators are equipped with well-made materials and the interiors are specially made up of resistant materials so that even if there are any spills of chemicals/samples, they do not undergo any sort of unwanted reactions. When you are looking for durability in desiccators, always check for the building materials of the outside and inside carefully.

A wide array of variants and sizes to select from:

There is a fascinating range of variants and sizes available in the case of desiccators. This is because of the essentiality of this device in almost every field of science. However, not everyone does require a standard size of desiccator to perform their experiments. This is why technologies have made it easier and more flexible for users by presenting a wide array of variants and sizes. In some cases, you can also request the manufacturer to build a size suitable for you solely. Though, most researchers get what they want from the ones available online or in stores.

Self-cleansing technique makes it more feasible:

This is the most intriguing feature of a lab desiccator which also contributes to its popularity and wide usage. Desiccators have this brilliant technique of self-cleansing and self-drying when not in use. This indicates that when the equipment is particularly not being used, yet switched on, it can undergo an automatic cleaning and drying process. It is an absolutely brilliant invention as a feature because it minimizes damages caused during cleaning or drying the interior of the desiccator, also it rules out the possibility of having a weekly or monthly cleaning routine. It saves your time and your money in a nutshell.

High impact:

In the microbiological field, it is one of the most essential lab equipment that one can have. The reason is, when you are studying microbes and only selecting a specific kind, it is necessary to prevent microbial traffic of other kinds. In order to do so, you will need a sterilizing device and a desiccator because you just cannot air-dry your samples as air contains contaminated microbes of all kinds. That is why you will need a desiccator to safely dry your samples. This is not only applicable in the microbiological field, but also to other related biological fields.

Want to elevate its potential? Customization is the key:

Desiccators have an internal lining of hygroscopic materials and desiccants which catalyzes the process of desiccation essentially. They also have ESD safe materials embedded in the interior to safe keep from any unwanted reactions leading to serious damage. In relation to improving the potential of lab desiccators, you can consider using high-quality or more efficient hygroscopic materials/desiccants and ESD materials. On the other hand, if you want to elevate its get-up, you can do so by improving the shelves and lights installed inside the chamber. Customization of lab desiccators is easy and is opted by most researchers to meet their needs.

Requires minimum maintenance:

With so many benefits and interesting features already, the minimum maintenance requirement seems like the icing on the cake. Due to the self-cleaning and self-drying technique, it makes your life much easier. All you need to care about is monthly servicing which can sometimes be skipped if not used to its potential for some time.

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