Professional Solicitor or Fund-raising Counsel: An Overview

Entities that assist a charitable organization in fundraising efforts for rectification are also, by and large, required to record annually with the Charitable Organizations Division. The state law provides different registration requirements depending upon the nature of the services provided by the entity.

  • Fund – Raising Counsel
  • Professional Solicitor
  • Public Safety Solicitor
  • Solicitor and Fund-raiser Counsel List

Government agencies in many states postulate Professional fundraiser bond to file proof of surety insurance before they can raise funds for commercialized or charitable purposes. When it comes to fundraising, surety bond forms have a number of different names, regarding:

  • charitable solicitation bond
  • charitable trusts bond
  • commercial fundraiser bond
  • commercial fundraiser for charitable purposes surety bond
  • paid solicitor bond
  • professional solicitor bond

No matter the particular name, all Professional fundraiser bond work in the same basic way: by ensuring that the funds you raise will be allocated, forwarded and used befittingly otherwise.

Fundraiser Surety Bond

A commercial fundraiser surety bond is a type of license and permit surety. In many of the cases, state governments require this type of surety bond before an entity can be licensed as a professional solicitor or fundraiser for a philanthropic organization. Fundraising consultants, counselors, grant writers and subordinates all fall within the definition of a professional fundraiser — which means they all need to be bonded.

In order to register the following must accomplished:

  • The applicant must have its entity registered with the Secretary of State.
  • A Uniform Professional Fundraiser Surety Bond in which the professional fundraiser is the principal obligatory body.
  • The bondage must be in the sum of twenty thousand dollars, with one or more accountable sureties whose liability in the aggregate as the sureties will at least equal that sum of money. In order to hold up the registration, the bond must be in effect for the full term of the enrollment.
  • The appropriate filing fee should made payable to the Secretary of State.

Individuals raising money on behalf of public safety organizations needed to register and disclose certain information. Business Regulation Article mentions a Public Safety Solicitor as a person who, for pay, solicits or acquires in public safety contributions, personally or through another.

Public Safety Solicitor

A person forbidden from acting as a Public Safety Solicitor unless the person has applied to register with the Secretary of State. Registration regard the submission of an application to register as a Public Safety Solicitor, a surety bond, a copy of the fund-raising understanding, and an application fee of $100 that must accompany along with every application. A separate application must filed for each Public Safety organization with which the Public Safety Solicitor contractual agreements.

A Public Safety Solicitor with a current registration shall not required to bump off. And submit an additional bond or irrevocable letter of credit for each public safety organization. On whose behalf they call for, provided that a abstracted application submitted for each organization.​

To comply with the statutes mentioned in commercial fundraiser bonds. Professionals must plan, conduct, manage and carry out drives. Campaigns and solicitations in accordance with the local, state and federal laws.

What is a Professional Solicitor?

A Professional Solicitor a third party that hired to raise money on behalf of a charity. They typically hired to help with large donation drives or to solicit major gifts from individuals or businesses.

What is a Fund-raising Counsel?

A Fund-raising Counsel is a company that provides professional fundraising services to charities. They typically help charities plan and execute donation drives, solicit major gifts, and provide other fundraising advice.

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