Print W-2 Forms in QuickBooks – In a Nutshell

QuickBooks is a multi-feature accounting application. It allows it’s users to Fill and Print W-2 Forms in QuickBooks. W-2 Form is a record that tracks money you paid to an employee. QuickBooks Online Payroll enables you to file federal Forms W-2 electronically, without paying any additional charge. If you want to print W-2 Forms, then you must subscribe to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced Service or the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard Service.

In this blog, we will discuss “How to do w2 in QuickBooks” and “How to get w2 form QuickBooks online”. In case you face any doubt, while going through the process, feel free to contact us at our toll-free number 1.855.738.2784. Our expert team members will assist your query.

How do I Reprint a W2 in QuickBooks 2016?

Many users ask this question in several other ways like “How to print old w2 in QuickBooks 2017” or “How to print w2s on preprinted forms”. Follow the steps given below carefully.

  • Open QuickBooks, go to the File section.
  • Now, click on Payroll Tax Center, select Employees and then Payroll Center.
  • After that, locate the File Forms tab and select View/ Print Forms & W2s.
  • Enter the PIN for your payroll subscription service and click on OK button.
  • Now, on the W2 page, you will see a list of Employees. If you don’t find the list click View/ Print W-2 Forms for all years.
  • You must click the Employees Name from the list to open the W-2 Form and if the Form doesn’t open press CTRL + ALT while clicking the W-2s Form.
  • Here, select Reprints and confirm that the forms have a Reissued Statement watermark.
  • Finally, use Adobe Reader to open the paper and print them on perforated paper.

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What are the Printing Requirements of W2 Forms

  • Supported Desktop Version.
  • Subscription of QuickBooks Payroll Basic Service or Enhanced Service.
  • Latest Payroll Tax Table.
  • Use either blank/ perforated papers or preprinted Forms for the laser printer.
  • For inject printer, use preprinted Forms.

Type of paper available for printing W-2forms.

  • Black or perforated paper.
  • Preprinted Forms.

How to Print W2s (Using Black or Perforated Paper)

  • In the Print W-2 and W-3 Form Window, select Blank/ Perforated Paper.
  • Now, select the item you want to print.
  • Note- You can print one copy only at a time except for W-2 Copies, B, 2 and C.
  • After that, load your printer with blank or perforated paper.
  • Click Print.

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