Premature ejaculation treatment to be done at home and how?

Men experience premature ejaculation when they ejaculate too early than a couple expects to happen during sexual intercourse. Men suffering from PE, tend to orgasm in one minute after sexual arousal and do not control delaying that ejaculation. Premature ejaculation treatment will help you to overcome these issues altogether. You can do the treatment at home or consult a sexologist, and the choice remains with the person having PE only. 

The study shows that 1 out of 3 men in India face early discharge issues once in their lifetime. In short, having PE does not make you lose your masculinity and your capability to satisfy your partner. By taking a proper premature ejaculation treatment at home, you can gain back the lost confidence and intimacy with your partner.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a well-known sexologist in India, says, “If you are well aware of your sexual issue and its cause, you can treat early discharge problems at home easily. But if the cause of PE is major or severe, it is advised to consult a sex doctor or expert”.

Before we go further with the premature ejaculation solutions, let us first get some basic knowledge about them. 

What is Premature Ejaculation, and how does it work? 


As we said earlier, when a man ejaculates too quickly after sexual stimulation during intercourse, then that person has PE issues. Now let us understand how ejaculation happens in a body and what leads to its early occurrence. 

Ejaculation is a complex process because it involves both body and mind and consists of two parts: emission and expulsions. 

Emission is the initial phase of the process. In this phase, a man’s central nervous system initiates sending signals via nerves from the male reproductive part to the brain and spinal cord. Further, the signs make sperm travel to tests through vas deferens to form semen. When the semen is ready, ejaculation is inevitable. 

After the semen is formed, the semen leave the body during ejaculation. 

Is it possible to treat Premature Ejaculation at home?

Premature Ejaculation is a very prevalent sexual issue, and that’s why you will find many men overcoming PE with home remedies or treatment at home. Depending upon the extent of the problem and the actual reason for its occurrence, it is possible to do premature ejaculation treatment at home. 

Many doctors recommend exercises, therapies and food items that help a person to get ideal ejaculation timings. Any person can try home remedies for treatment without consulting any expert. 

But when you see no positive change in your problem, consulting experts becomes mandatory. They will help you to know your condition better and offer ideal treatment that guarantees success. 

Premature Ejaculation Treatment at Home

1. Exercises 

Exercise is the best way to treat premature ejaculation or any other sexual issues at home. You need to be regular with your workout, and you will overcome the early discharge problem in a month. 

Pelvic exercises From Premature Ejaculation treatment

Pelvic floor exercises help in improving the muscles that participate in the ejaculation process. Identifying your pelvic muscles and strengthening them will make you control your ejaculation. Finding pelvic muscles, cutting off your urine flow in the middle, and the muscles involved in this are one of the ones you are looking for. 

How to perform

  • Sit or lie down on the floor in a comfortable position without putting pressure on the perineum- area between the genitals and the anus.
  • Tighten up your muscles that you found involved during urine flow cut and hold them very tight for more than 5 seconds. Your muscles should feel lifted when you do so.
  • Release the position and rest for 5 seconds to repeat that. 
  • Do this exercise 10 times a day to see positive results. 

2. Creams and Medications 

It is possible to treat issues like PE at home by using medicines and lotions. There are many lotions available in the market that give positive results to delay ejacualtion. You apply the cream on the head of the penis just 30 minutes before the sexual act and wash it 5 minutes before the act. 

 Korean Red Ginseng as  premature ejaculation treatment tablets

Tadalafil and Korean Red Ginseng are famous for premature ejaculation treatment tablets and give better results to delay the discharge time. 

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3. Dietary Changes 

Zinc rich food for premature ejaculation treatment at home.

Changing your dietary habits is very effective in premature ejaculation treatment home remedy. You can add more zinc and magnesium content to your diet as they are effective in delaying discharge time. Adding food items rich in zinc and magnesium and avoiding food with excessive fat will help you eliminate PE.

Here are some food items that you can add to your daily diet:

  1. Soybeans 
  2. Oysters 
  3. Yoghurt 
  4. Almonds 
  5. Chickpeas 
  6. Dark chocolate and
  7. Kidney beans

4. Pause and Squeeze Technique 

The Pause and Squeeze technique is a very impactful and effective way to treat premature ejaculation. You will perform this technique by letting arousal stop before you reach climax. 

When you are about to ejaculate, stop immediately and let your partner squeeze the end of your penile region (the point where the shaft joins the head). Make her do the same till the time you lose your urge to climax.

For quick and positive results, repeat the process more often.

You can do many things at home as premature ejaculation treatment to delay your discharge time. And there are many chances that you will get success in a concise period.

But when a man does not get positive results by doing PE treatment at home, visiting a sexologist will help him fight against his sexual problems. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one such name in the list of best sexologists in India for such sexual treatment. 

Dr. Chirag at IASH, Jaipur is a famous sex doctor with more than 8 years of experience in the sexual field. He is dedicated, passionate and most importantly, skilled in treating such severe and sensitive PE cases that home remedies can’t treat easily. So, if none of your home treatments works for you, Dr. Chirag is your last stop to cure PE. 

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