Open the car door yourself without a key

None of the car owners are immune to a highly unpleasant situation when their doors are locked and the key remains inside. But no matter how hurried you are and you are not nervous right now, you need to concentrate.

After making sure the keys are in the cab, first consider using a copy. If the spare key is in the house, ask a relative to bring it. If you have traveled far, you can try using your phone’s keychain. In this case, the person pushing the opening should hold the keychain at a distance of about 20 cm from the microphone, and you can use the loudspeaker.

Option for the lazy.

For those who do not like to experiment and for whom the first tip is not appropriate, it is recommended to call an auto locksmith Tampa. Therefore, it is better to call reliable or recommended companies like Locksmith Near Me Tampa Bay. It is not uncommon for such masters to use the methods described below.

Options for others.

If you trust your hands more or there is simply no service you need nearby, then you can do everything yourself. Just keep in mind different cars open in different ways. Typically from a newer model, the more complicated your task is. And if you make a mistake, your car can be damaged. Before using the following methods, try using your palms to lower one of the glasses or use a similar (if available) key. The chances of success are minimal, but new cars have not been opened this way in some cases. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you do not succeed, stop in time.

Use a hook.

Car owners most often use this method.

Domestic production. First, you need to find a medium-thick wire, preferably rigid. You will need a piece of wire about half a meter long. At one end, make a hook at an acute angle (45 degrees) so that the length of the folded section is up to ten centimeters. Everything is very simple if your car does not have a protective cover locked. Otherwise, this option is not for you.

Use a loop.

If the opening button inside the car is not hidden in the housing and protrudes even slightly upwards, then you can pull it with a loop tied to the edge of a line, rope, or even with a shoelace (it is more; I probably have it right now). In some cases, you will need to bend the door in the corner slightly. For this, you can use, for example, a wooden wedge, previously wrapped in a piece of cloth. Then, you have to close it carefully, tapping it gently with your hand.

When choosing an opening option, you need to consider the safety features of your iron horse.

More drastic measures.

Those who have a drill in hand and have no other choice are asked to drill the “larva” of the lock. But before that, you need to think about what will cost less: replace all the locks or, for example, broken glass. If you do not have a drill in hand, you can replace it with a screwdriver by dipping it in the lock and turning it with force. The result will be the same.

You should not laugh at absentees who often lose and forget everything. Even experienced and responsible drivers face when their car keys are locked in the cab. After all, this is not taught in driving schools.

Many drivers are desperate, or because there is no time to go to extremes – they break one of the car windows to get into the passenger compartment. The cars are installed laminated glass, triplex – on impact, it does not break into tiny fragments, but breaks. But there are some simple ways to get in the car without serious violations.

These penetration methods do not require special equipment and a lot of car locksmith Tampa experience.

Great! If a child or pet is stuck in the car (especially if the outside temperature is +20) – do not experiment! Instead, call a reliable Locksmith company, emergency services, or police.

A warning! Do not use further instructions to get into someone else’s car. A police officer will assist the vehicle owner.

The first thing the driver is encouraged to do is make sure all the doors are locked. It will be very unpleasant if, after overcoming all the difficulties, in the end, it turns out that the rear passenger door just knocked lightly.

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