Can I Get HIV from Kissing? 4 Common Myths About HIV

For more than 3 decades now, we have heard some astonishing aspects of HIV and Aids. Some of them even made people hate people who have HIV or any other STD. The stigma of HIV has been in a great rush for over a century now.

Myths about HIV are the top reason people hate people with HIV. In fact, it made them believe that if they wandered around with people with HIV, they were also going to get the virus.

Despite today’s technology, which has proven that any HIV positive is not dangerous, nor can a normal person get the same virus from an HIV positive.

Right now, the HIV positive numbers have been increasing rapidly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 36.7 million people are living with HIV. The stigma that irritates most people, especially HIV positives, is that despite advances in HIV management over the years, misinformation and myths about HIV persist.

The following are some of the myths about HIV that are completely hearsay or misinformation about HIV. There is no such truth to it and you should stay away from such beliefs about HIV as well.

Myth 1: Breathing in the same air

Some people believe that if you breathe in the same year as an HIV-positive person, then there are chances that you will get the virus. In fact, this is completely wrong. There is no truth that a person can get the HIV virus from breathing in the same year.

Myth 2: HIV-positive people will perish.

Some myths about HIV say that when you get the virus, it means you are not going to live anymore. However, with proper treatment, any HIV positive individual can live a normal life. So basically, HIV is not a death sentence.

Myth 3: HIV-positives can’t have children:

Well, this myth about HIV has some great beliefs about people. while the reality is totally against it. A woman who is HIV positive in labour can have normal children if she takes the HIV-prescribed medicines during her pregnancy. Moreover, with a proper consultant and proper treatment during pregnancy and after labor, the chances of a virus affecting the child become as minimal as 1%.

Myth 4: I am straight and I can’t get HIV.

Well, straight people are as much in danger as any other gender. There is no way a straight person can be saved from the virus. So it is a complete myth if you think you are straight, so you don’t have to protect yourself.

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Final Viewpoints

These are some myths about HIV that are completely wrong. If you find something about HIV positive people, then at least first do your research before believing it. Instead of increasing the HIV stigma, we should end it.

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